Jan 02, 2019

The Latest Trends To Consider For Your Home

Taking on any home remodeling project like a bathroom renovation is a major undertaking. It’s worth evaluating prevailing trends to determine if they fit your lifestyle and tastes. Of high importance should be building a bathroom design that’s adding value to your home. While there are a ton of different trends to consider, here are the biggest advances our team projects in the realm of bathroom designs this year.

Replace Your Tub With A Walk-In Shower

Surprisingly enough, an ever-increasing number of homeowners are ditching their jetted bathtub style and replacing them with oversized, custom shower systems. There are many options for adding body jets into your shower to give you the same relaxing feeling while also opening up space in your bathroom.  It’s worth noting that this trend is resonating more with Baby Boomers than with parents with young children.  However, in most cases, having a standing shower allows for easier accessibility.

Handicap Accessible Showers Are Gaining Popularity

An argument can be made that disabled or elderly users require a tub to bathe. Unfortunately, that’s not the full story.  Many walk-in tubs force the user to stay inside until the water is filling the tub, rendering you chilled while the tub fills and unable to adjust water heat until it’s full. They also require you to stay inside until it’s fully drained. A standing shower allows room for a chair to be inside, giving a place of rest for the handicapped and allowing those advanced in age to get out without having to wait for the water to drain.


Installing a clear frameless sliding shower door will also help alleviate the burden of a small or basic feeling bathroom by making it look more spacious.  Another reason barn style doors have been a hit in recent bathroom remodels is because they add a personal touch of flair to the décor.  Having a spacious shower with built-in options certainly injects a modern vibe into a bathroom renovation.

Wall Mounted, Heated Towel Racks

Heated towel racks are quickly climbing the trending ladder. Pair the warm floor with a heated towel rack to keep you nice and cozy when it’s time to leave the heat of the shower. Keeping a towel warm means they’re kept dry, giving mildew no chance to show up. With tons of style and design options, you are truly limitless in building your bathroom.

Upgraded Bathroom Toe Kick Lighting

Late night trips to the bathroom sometimes result in a stubbed toe or a busted knee from trying to maneuver around in the darkness. Avoid unnecessary pain by adding a toe kick light to the bottom of your vanity. Not only does it help guide you in the dark, but it provides comfortable bathroom lighting without having to turn on the too-bright overhead light. Toe kick lights go along well with a back-lit mirror providing softer lighting.bathroom vanity

Heated Bathroom Floor

While heated bathroom flooring options have been available for many years, it’s starting to become standard in bathroom renovations rather than being perceived as an unnecessary expenditure. Nobody likes being hit with that cold burst of air after getting out of the shower. Adding a heated floor to your bathroom is a simple way to lessen the “brrr blow” and assists in relaxation. Heated floors are also durable and can last several decades. With warm floors, toes stay warm giving a comforting feeling. Modern in-floor heating configurations ensure temperatures stay in a range that’s safe for feet to come in contact with. Heated floors can also increase your home’s resell value.

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June 22, 2022

"The work and products used were excellent. All the employees and phone contacts were so knowledgeable and helpful in making our decisions about remodeling. The end results are beautiful."

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June 19, 2022

"Eric is great. We used him on my mom’s house for several projects: new doors, windows, re-insulating the inside of the roof in upstairs bedrooms, tearing down & rebuilding the garage. My sister also used Eric to install LeafGuard® on her own house, build her a new deck, and install a metal roof. We recently had a meeting to discuss building a new deck for me, to replace the old one. We will be using no-maintenance materials, so no more sanding, staining, painting."

James N.
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July 20, 2022

"We have used Lindus Construction in the past and have always been very pleased with their work. We knew we wanted Lindus when considering a total kitchen remodeling project. Jason was the lead carpenter on the project with his assistant Brock. They repaired a cupboard and drywall that was damaged from too much weight in the cupboard. After our ceiling repair, Jason constructed a soffit for that area that blended in beautifully with the flow of the room and looked like it had always been there. They were also able to adjust the hole in the quartz countertop for the cooktop to fit as it should. They did a great job on the entire remodeling project. We highly recommend Lindus Construction." 

Justine B.
Coon Rapids, MN
September 7, 2021

"We would like to thank you for helping us get this project done. All of the work has been done and we are very satisfied with the results.  The Lindus crews were great to work with and kept us informed throughout the process."

Claude & Brenda S.
Oakdale, MN
February 3, 2021

"I am very happy with my remodeled bathroom...it looks great !!  I always knew what was going to happen ahead of time with great clarity, that took a lot of the normal stress out of it. Also, each tradesman who came to my house told me what and how they were going to do their piece of the project. They all seemed like nice guys and easy to be around! I have in the past and hope to in future to contact Lindus for projects."

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January 31, 2022
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