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Whether you choose our SeasonGuard Steel, LP® SmartSide® or CraneBoard® siding,  know you’re getting a durable siding product that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.


We’re proud to offer SeasonGuard Seamless Steel Siding to our valued clients because of its extensive lifespan.  Regardless of length, the siding is seamless.  This equates to beauty while greatly reducing the risk of air or water infiltration. SeasonGuard Seamless Steel Siding is offered in a variety of panels made of 27 gauge steel, which is 20% thicker than its competitors.  Our machines super emboss the steel giving it a woodgrain look, while adding strength.  This paramount siding comes in over 50 colors.  It is accompanied with a 35-year non-prorated finish warranty against fading, chipping and cracking.


LP® SmartSide® products build upon the fervor and refinement of conventional wood by integrating the grit and expediency found in engineered wood.  Their SmartGuard® fabrication process genuinely improves upon nature, producing products that are manufactured for durability, performance, and protection against termites and fungal decay. The LP® SmartSide® family has four unique product lines that are backed by an ironclad 5/50 Year Transferable Limited Warranty.


Perk up your home’s exterior with the timeless, fresh look of CraneBoard®.  This versatile siding allows homeowners to customize their look and can easily accommodate stone and shake accents.  The triple-width, insulated span bridges structural imperfections, producing an impeccable appearance.  The milled cedar-grain texture, straight face and deep shadows of the 6″ and 7″ profiles give your house a strong, authoritative presence.




SeasonGuard Seamless Steel


A majority of contractors are limited to cookie cutter styles and options when it comes to seamless steel siding.  Not us!  Here at Lindus Construction, we own and operate our own roll form machines.  This provides our clients with unlimited options in terms of color and siding reveal.



SeasonGuard Steel Siding is comprised of one of the strongest, most functional and sustainable materials on Planet Earth. This complete siding line was expertly designed and flawlessly imitates the aesthetics of wood siding in modern colors. The steel core provides unparalleled impact resistance and is engineered not to crack, melt or wick water like lesser quality products.

SG Steel Tile Siding


We utilize a carbon reinforced steel alloy due to its ability to safeguard your house against nature’s fiercest elements. SeasonGuard Seamless Steel Siding is accompanied with a straightforward lifetime warranty that provides explicit guarantees against the cracking, chipping, peeling, chalking, and fading common with other siding materials.


Found throughout nature, zinc, is zinc is malleable, recyclable, and resistant to corrosion.  Each profile that is covered in G60 zinc layering curtails moisture and oxygen from reaching the high tech steel alloy.

SG Steel Siding
SG Steel Tile


Unlike evaporative paint systems, SunMaster50™ is a thermally set interlock paint system which administers a concentrated, more reliable and mold resistant surface.  SunMaster50™ also offers substantial safeguarding against fading.  This paint system has the capacity to reflect solar radiation, a trait that can lower your energy costs.


Offered in multiple sizes and in sleek and textured finishes, LP SmartSide amplifies a home’s curb appeal.  It’s the ideal counterpart to houses finished in materials such as stucco, stone and brick.


Every LP® SMARTSIDE® product is thoroughly treated with a state-of-the-art concoction of binders, waxes, and zinc borate before being bonded with a water-resistant, resin-saturated overlay. This technique is critical in warding off moisture for extended durability and clout against nature’s elements.


LP Tile Siding


LP® SMARTSIDE® offers the irrefutable appearance of wood, particularly when compared with fiber cement and vinyl siding products.  It’s a logical accent for homes utilizing stone, stucco, or brick because of the breathtaking contrast it helps create.



One of the major complaints installers of fiber cement siding have is expense of the specialized tools they are required to buy.  LP® SMARTSIDE® avoided this concern by producing a product that can be cut with normal woodworking equipment.


LP Tile


Give your home’s exterior a quick transformation with the timeless, fresh appearance of CraneBoard®.


The team at Craneboard® is committed to eco-friendly product development and manufacturing practices.   Their strategy includes emissions reductions, recycling, and water & energy conservation.


Craneboard Siding

Solid CoRe Siding®

Solid CoRe Siding® has its good side and its even better side.  On top of insulating your home in an energy efficient manner, it has the potential to qualify for incentives that may lower your heating and cooling costs.



Craneboard® lowers thermal conductivity.  The use of TXL™ Lamination Technology provides a 200% stronger bond and over twice the impact resistance of others.  It muffles sounds by nearly half and can withstand winds up to 160 mph.




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