Apr 07, 2024

Coordinating Your Siding & Roofing Colors

Creating a Cohesive Appearance for Your Twin Cities Home

The two biggest determinants of a home’s curb appeal are its roofing and siding.  This makes it imperative that they complement each other to provide a cohesive look.  Here’s what you need to know about making selections that will stand the test of time and add to your home’s value.

Digital Renderings Are Game-Changers

Gone are the days of simply looking at siding and shingle samples and trying to imagine how the colors would look on your home.  The technology now exists for reputable contractors to provide digital renderings of all sides of your home with various roof and siding color combinations.

Warm vs. Cool Colors

Warm colors often tend to be shades of red, yellow, and orange and are named this because of their association with items like fire and the sun.  Cool shades are hues of blue, green, and magenta and are often tied to natural elements like water, grass, and the sky.  Homes that have the most cohesive look utilize a roof and siding that both come from either the warm or cool side of the color spectrum.

Twin Cities home with green siding and brown roof

Color Brightness Matters

If your home’s square footage is on the smaller side, selecting a lighter color for the roofing and siding will create the illusion that your home is slightly larger than it appears.  Another advantage of using lighter colors is that they showcase contrasting architectural points of interest.  However, there is the argument for dark, dramatic siding and roofing colors when the goal is to highlight the spaciousness of a home that’s surrounded with rolling hills or stately trees.  Unsure which route to go?  Medium tones are a safe bet on almost any size or style of home.

after home has gray lp siding installed by Lindus Construction

Avoid a Direct Color Match

Some siding manufacturers offer custom colors which would allow for exact matching of the roofing and siding colors, this option is not recommended.  Instead, complimentary colors should be used because they establish an optical difference.  For instance, a home with pale brown siding benefits from the installation of a roof with a burnt brown hue because of the contrast between the two shades.   

cream colored steel siding installed on minneapolis home

Opt for a Darker Roof

In most scenarios, it’s best practice to select a roof that’s in the same color palette as the siding, but a few shades darker.  This is the most aesthetically pleasing approach, as the eye most often takes in the beauty of a home from the top to the bottom.

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"I am very happy with the roofing and gutter system and it's largely due to your perseverance and communication with me for the project. There are always so many details in this work and I want to convey my appreciation to your management. I know why Lindus is a successful company. It's not just their product but more importantly their people."

Maureen C.
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"The quality of work was excellent."

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"Our garage siding, window, and roofing project was done in a very timely manner. Lindus continued to contact us daily to see if we had any problems or questions. Each team they sent out was wonderful. Felipe and TJ were great supervisors. They cleaned up all the debris on the ground and left everything in perfect condition. They earned a five star plus from us."

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March 23, 2024

"Very efficient, kept the area neat. Completed the work in the time estimated. Work looks good. I would hire them again."

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February 22, 2024

"We had Lindus bid on our roof replacement and also remove and replace our LeafGuard® Gutters. Communication was great through the entire process, we were provided great information and options. The removal and replacement of the gutters was done right on schedule and completed quickly. Overall just very professional and I would have zero concerns trusting them for any job.

Aaron O.
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"Thorough, timely, efficient, good communicators. Excellent work, cleaned up well and took care of a few extra details without any hassle."

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May 17, 2023
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