Robert’s Eagan, MN SeasonGuard Window Project

At Lindus Construction, our goal is to make each client a customer for life.  Therefore, our company’s top priorities are hiring the industry’s most talented craftsmen to install quality products guaranteed to last a lifetime.  The first time we had the pleasure of meeting our client, Robert, it was to discuss the installation of LeafGuard® Gutters.  Pleased with their appearance and clog-free capabilities, our company quickly rose to the top of his list when it came time to discuss custom window replacement.

When we arrived at Robert’s Dakota County home to discuss his window wish list, he let us know that his top two priorities were the appearance of the windows and their performance.  Here’s how the installation of SeasonGuard windows were able to address these needs.


Appearance:  One of the biggest contributors to a window’s aesthetics is the amount of glass that’s visible.  This feature affords homeowners the ability to showcase views of their property.  Exclusive to Lindus Construction, SeasonGuard double hung triple pane windows provide 27% more discernible glass than similar brands.  In addition, SeasonGuard windows are offered in a variety of color and hardware options.  Robert appreciated that this allowed him to tailor the appearance of the front of his home to enhance its curb appeal.  On several of the windows he opted for grilles, which add a refined look.  On the exterior, he opted for custom white trim by LP® SmartSide®.  The interior finish of the windows was a combination of white and oak, depending on the room it was installed in.  Robert also appreciated the fact that the hardware on SeasonGuard windows can be customized to the homeowner’s preferences.

Eagan SeasonGuard windows

Performance: Of the utmost importance to Robert was selecting windows that would be long-lasting and energy efficient.  For this reason, our experts suggested full frame window replacement.  This approach allowed our installers the ability to evaluate the rough openings of the windows we were installing for rot, mold, and mildew.  It also afforded us the ability to add insulation to prevent any future drafts.  SeasonGuard windows come with an array of lifetime, transferrable warranties that cover all moving parts and even glass breakage.  The triple pane design offers the ultimate in energy efficiency, which means they’ll assist in keeping Robert’s home cool in the summer months and warmer in the winter months.

Eagan SeasonGuard windows

An aspect of Lindus Construction that homeowners replacing windows appreciate is that our installers are true craftsmen.  Rather than toggling between departments, their entire focus is on the installation of new windows.  This has allowed them to experience countless scenarios and truly understand the most efficient way to install long-lasting windows.  When Robert’s salesperson reached out to him after the conclusion of his project, he could not stop raving about the quality of the windows and the true care exhibited by our installation team.

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Reviews From Eagan, MN Homeowners:

"Lindus did an excellent job, as always, on my re-insulation project. I think that this was the 4th project that they have done for me. I highly recommend their work. I would not hesitate to use them again."

Mike K.
Eagan, MN
August 21, 2023

"The guys worked very hard and the windows look nice and operate very smoothly. I'm happy with my SeasonGuard choice!"

Paul K.
Eagan, MN
May 26, 2023

"Great job installing new LeafGuard® Gutters. Very responsive and helpful installation team.

Jeff S.
Eagan, MN
May 23, 2023

"The project went well. It looks nice and the two workers were fun to talk to."

Ron C.
Eagan, MN
May 15, 2023

"Installation of window went well. Installers were efficient, courteous, and cleaned up work site."

Michael F.
Eagan, MN
March 20, 2023

"You guys replaced the gutters at my daughter's house and I have to tell you the guy who did the work is phenomenal. He did great work. He was out there the day before he was scheduled.  It looked great. Everything was back the way it should be."

Mary K.
Eagan, MN
October 24, 2022
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