Lawrence & Becky’s Burnsville, MN SeasonGuard Window, Soffit, Fascia & LeafGuard® Gutter Project

Situated in Burnsville, MN, the West View Hills Neighborhood is the location for an array of homes built in the last 1960’s to early 1970’s.  Although located in the city limits, Lawrence & Becky’s home felt secluded due to its generous sized lot on a cul-de-sac.  Surrounding the home were an abundance of mature trees that provided ample shade in the summer months, but created a hefty raking chore in the fall.  When the couple reached out to us for their Burnsville custom home remodeling project, their biggest priorities were elevating their home’s energy efficiency through the installation of new windows and getting gutters installed.  Here’s a list of solutions we provided to meet these needs.

exterior before
Here’s how the windows and gutters looked before they were replaced.

Windows: increased energy bills and drafty windows and doors are telltale signs that windows and doors have reached the end of their lifespan.  In Lawrence and Betty’s case, both of these scenarios held true and they were eager to find a solution.  We proposed the installation of SeasonGuard windows.  Created for our extreme temperature swings, we pride them in being the best replacement windows in the Twin Cities.  The biggest benefits of these energy saving windows is that they have an industry-leading low air leakage rating.  The lower the air infiltration, the more comfortable a home is.  In addition, SeasonGuard windows have an expanded glass area, outperforming boxy window frames that reduce exterior views.  The SeasonGuard windows we installed for this project were a combination of awning, bay, casement, and picture.  The white windows utilized an exterior earth tone window wrap color in order to complement the new gutters, soffit, and fascia.

The white windows utilized an exterior earth tone window wrap color in order to complement the new gutters, soffit, and fascia.

We Interviewed 17 Different Manufacturers Before Finding the Perfect Manufacturer for SeasonGuard Windows

Soffit & Fascia: One advantage LeafGuard® Brand Gutters hold over basic gutter systems is that they attach to a home’s soffit and fascia.  Utilizing this installation technique over attaching the gutters to a home’s shingles guarantees that the roofing warranty remains intact.  Lawrence and Becky’s soffit and fascia hadn’t been updated in quite some time.  As part of this project, we advised the couple on the benefits of vented aluminum soffit and fascia.  Advantages of maintenance-free soffit and fascia include lower heating bills and a moisture barrier to protect against rot.  The majority of homeowners we work with opt for aluminum over wood because it eliminates the need for frequent staining.

Here’s a close-up of the new LeafGuard® Brand Gutters in Terratone.

Gutters: The biggest drawback of the gutters Lawrence and Becky had on their house was that they were no match for the property’s stately trees.  Clogging was a consistent concern.  In addition, the gutters were undersized and prone to overflowing.  LeafGuard® Brand Gutters proved to be the perfect solution for this home.  Crafted in an industrial size with extra-large 3” x 4” downspouts the gutters were certified by the Good Housekeeping Institute to handle in excess of 32 inches of rain per hour.  In addition, the patented, one-piece system is guaranteed to never clog.  In the event it does, our team properly outfitted with safety equipment will be the ones addressing the issue.  The LeafGuard® color the couple selected for their home was Terratone and it’s done wonders for the property’s curb appeal.

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Burnsville Custom Home Remodeling Reviews:

"Service and work were excellent; thank you!"

Ron B.
Burnsville, MN
January 19, 2023

"Estimator was great. Very honest with his assessment. Installers were also great. Very efficient and friendly. Gutters look great."

Lisa T.
Burnsville, MN
September 30, 2021

Lindus did a fantastic job on our project. We could not be more satisfied with all of the staff that worked on our home as well as the materials and windows they provided. From our initial meeting we knew we found the right company to replace our windows, remove and replace our soffit, fascia and gutters. Everything was done timely and they stayed on the job until complete. I would recommend Lindus to anyone considering replacements similar to ours. Thank you to all at Lindus

Steve P.
Burnsville, MN
July 29, 2021

"Let everyone know at Lindus what a great operation you all work for.  We could not have picked a better company to do the work on our home.  Everyone we have had contact with has been first class and all are very much appreciated."

Steve & Melinda P.
Burnsville, MN
July 23, 2021

"I so love my LeafGuard® Gutters."

Ginny R.
Burnsville, MN
July 11, 2021

"Great service!"

Olga B.
Burnsville, MN
October 13, 2020
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