Laurel’s Hastings, MN GAF Roofing Project

The Hastings West Second Street, Residential Historic District is comprised of 13 architecturally significant residences.  These houses were constructed in the period of 1857-1890.  At the time of construction, these homes were belonged to some of the town’s wealthiest and most prominent citizens.

In 1978, the French 2nd Story Empire home our client, Laurel, now lives in was among the homes in this district that was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The National Register of Historic Places is part of a nationwide program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America’s historic and archaeological resources.  To date, there are approximately 95,000 American properties on this list.

This was the condition of the roof before work commenced.

The first time we had worked with Laurel, we had installed maintenance-free LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.  They were an ideal way to protect the home’s stucco siding and landscaping.  At that time, she knew that her next project would be roof replacement.  However, the replacement of a 60 square roof on a historic home would be no small undertaking.  It would include the approval of historical organizations and the utmost attention by some of our most seasoned roof installers.  Here’s a list of the materials we used to create an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting roof.

Asphalt Shingles: Longevity on a roof of this size was critical.  This was a major reason why GAF roofing was the perfect solution.  It’s been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal largely in part because of its 50-year, non-pro-rated warranty on both labor and materials.  With many lines of shingles available, GAF shingles are a perfect complement to an array of architectural styles.  However, the Sienna Lifetime Designer Shingle line was an ideal choice for this project.  The shingle’s distinguishing characteristic is a diamond configuration that lends itself to old world charm.  The color selected was Aged Oak, which offered a stately appearance.  The shingles also offer peace of mind because of the Dura Grip™ Adhesive on each shingle that lowers the probability of blow-off and can withstand winds up to 130 mph.mansard roof

Rubber Roofing: Flat areas of the home’s roof had been previously covered with rubber.  However, over time they had become weathered.  In order to prevent leaking, a new rubber membrane was installed around the roofing window dormers and on top of the home’s tower.

mansard roof

Copper Accents: Many people often mistake the greenish patina that can develop on copper as a sign of corrosion, when in fact the patina is what protects against corrosion.  This makes copper an excellent selection for exterior components of the home that are exposed to Mother Nature.  At the time of the home’s construction, copper accents were en vogue.  As a nod to the past, the roof over the entryway was converted from asphalt shingles to copper.  Copper ridge caps were also used.

Lindus Construction Offers Roofs with 50-Year, Non-Prorated Warranties on Labor & Materials: 

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Reviews From Hastings, MN Homeowners:

"Very impressed with the professionalism of the installers, especially given the adverse weather conditions the second day."

Marylee S.
Hastings, MN
February 24, 2023

"We were very impressed with the professionalism of the crew. They were clean and efficient and respectful. They explained thoroughly the operational features and warranty of the door and windows. Very impressed overall."

Roger E.
Hastings, MN
January 22, 2023

"Installed basement windows and upgraded one window to egress. Very high quality work and done in a day!"

Dave R.
Hastings, MN
July 1, 2021

"Lindus replaced what had been five windows in our back room with Infinity® Windows from Marvin. The workmanship was excellent and the windows are exactly what we wanted. Jake and Jim, the crew, were upbeat and friendly and made the installation process easy.  They sealed our back room from the rest of the house, removed our blinds and reinstalled them when they were finished. Cleanup was meticulous. The finish work and materials are much better than the original. A week later, Josh returned and examined the installation to make sure all was well. Lindus professionals are the best! Could not be more pleased! Best recommendation---we'll be back."

Craig S.
Hastings, MN
March 28, 2021

"The installation crew for our LeafGuard® gutters was great; installed quickly and looks good! I would highly recommend this product/installation team."

Brian & Anne D.
Hastings, MN
December 28, 2019

"Small job, but well done."

John M.
Hastings, MN
October 15, 2018
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