Feb 25, 2022

Types of Deck Railing You Can Install

A deck’s railing has a giant impact on the overall beauty of the space.  The material used and the configuration should be taken into consideration before making a final selection.  Here are deck railing ideas and what you need to know about the most popular options available.   

Wood Deck Railings  

Wood deck railings offer a traditional and rustic look.  Wood is easy to acquire and can be cut into a variety of shapes.  In addition, wood deck railings can be offered in an array of stain options that make it easy to customize the look of the deck.  However, even homeowners with wooden decks tend to opt for alternative railing materials.  That’s because wood deck railings need frequent staining to look their best.  Staining a deck railing is tedious and finding a professional that will perform this task in a cost-effective manner is challenging. 

wood deck

Metal Deck Railings  

Metal railings are a popular option because they provide a modern look.  The easiest metal railing to install are those that are welded.  This is because they do not need to be assembled.  Galvanized steel and aluminum railings are popular options because of their resistance to rust.  When it comes to strength, steel deck railings edge out aluminum ones.  Darker railings provide unobstructed views.

steel frame deck with TimberTech AZEK

Glass Deck Railings 

Glass deck railings systems work well on lake homes and on golf courses.  This type of deck railing provides a contemporary and upscale look, while providing clear views.  The glass used in deck railings is tempered, so there’s very little worry of it cracking or shattering.  It’s important to know that glass deck railings can come at premium pricing.  Glass deck railings also need cleaning on both sides to keep it looking its best. 

glass deck railing

Cable Deck Railings 

Cable railings are a unique option that can make a deck stand apart from others.  They offer expanded views.  It’s important to know that cable deck railings can loosen and lose over time.  Cables can also break if children climb on them. 

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After zeroing in on the type of deck railing material you want, consider the railing angle.  Horizontal deck railings elongate a deck and make it look wider and larger than it may be.  This is due to the fence-like appearance it provides.  Vertical deck railings work well in backyards with lots of towering trees and tall architectural features.  That’s because the configuration will draw the eyes upward.   Horizontal railings need fewer fasteners and connectors than vertical railings, making them cheaper to install.  There are more choices for horizontal railing materials than vertical deck railing materials.  Vertical railings offer less obstructed views while horizontal deck railings offer more privacy.  Horizontal railings can also be dangerous for families with small children because they are easy to climb.  Vertical rails are cheaper to replace than horizontal rails because they utilize less material.  In terms of durability, horizontal railings weather easier in the sun and rain, especially when they are made from wood. 

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Our Deck Installation Reviews:

"We highly recommend Lindus for home improvement projects -- our new deck is beautiful, built with high quality materials and attention to details. The construction crew was experienced and professional."

Cheryl G.
White Bear Lake, MN
July 5, 2023

"Lindus built a deck beyond my expectations. Dave and Triston were very professional. The upper-story deck they built is amazing and much better than the deck it replaced. I am grateful for their skill and hard work."

Carolyn M.
Apple Valley, MN
July 2, 2023

"The city Inspector had no complaints. I couldn't be happier and I would HIGHLY recommend Lindus for anyone wanting to put in a new deck or hire a company that has talented and professional workers that really care about you and the final product."

Donna K.
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June 26, 2023

"Our projects were like clockwork. From scheduling to delivery of materials and installation.....It could not have been better."

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Glenwood City, WI
June 20, 2023

"We love our deck!!  Thank you Lindus Construction.  So appreciate you."

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June 14, 2023

"Couldn't be happier with our new deck! Fast, clean, great craftsmanship - it'll outlast the house."

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Minneapolis, MN
May 23, 2022
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