Jan 02, 2021

Creating a More Comfortable, Energy Efficient Home

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement quandaries addressed by calling or texting 651-989-9226.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 1.2.21.

For homes that have ice forming on their roof, icicles will likely form on its gutters.  The only issue icicles pose is the hazard they produce when they separate from the home and fall to the ground.  In the winter months, open style gutters will grab the ice and build it onto your roof, which have the potential to cause ice dams.  Diagnostic testing by a reputable professional can assist in identifying the origin of the ice.  Infrared imaging, which can highlight where air leaks are happening, can prove particularly advantageous in the winter months because of the dramatic difference in temperatures between indoors and outdoors.  In most situations, the correct combination of insulation, ventilation, and attic air sealing can eradicate ice dams.

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Bathrooms built absent of exhaust fans can still have them installed at a future date.  Prior to agreeing to this type of project being done, be sure the professional you have hired is planning to vent the fan outdoors and not into the attic or into the soffit.  If it is vented into the attic condensation, dry rot, and mold can ensue, leading to the need for more insulation.  Bath fans should not expel warm air into the soffits because they are not designed to pull air out of the home.  A quality professional should be able to explain their approach for your project to ensure that they are looking at your home’s entire building envelope and not creating more problems than they are solving.

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Prior to converting a deck to a three- or four-season porch, a reputable professional should verify whether the current footings can support the additional weight of insulation, trusses, doors, windows, and walls.  Careful thought and consideration should also be taken to determine how the deck will tie into the house and how the room will be conditioned.  It’s wise to get pricing for making the space both a three season and four-season porch, as it is significantly more expensive to convert a three season porch to a four season porch after the fact.

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Twin Cities Insulation Reviews:

"Thanks again for the great job on the spray foam."

Todd B.
Plymouth, MN
August 26, 2022

"Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me out.  Your expertise made all the difference in helping me resolve my house projects!"

Patricia M.
Bloomington, MN
August 19, 2022

“Thank you to the entire team for the outstanding job on the insulation job of my 100-year-old home!  Eric took the time to walk me through the entire process and even came back a second time to sort out venting questions.  Project manager, Randall, made sure the insulation installed met your quality standards.  Every member of your team worked very hard and didn’t end their day until the job was done right.  I look forward to energy savings and no critters in my attic!”

Pat M.
Bloomington, MN
July 26, 2022

"We used Lindus for a rather complicated attic re-insulation project. They are highly competent and do great work!"

Leon P.
White Bear Lake, MN
July 16, 2022

"They were contracted to insulate the garage ceiling which they did in a two-step process with both foam and blown-in insulation. They then returned to put up new gutters facia and soffits in a two day process that was professional, neat , and used materials economically."

Stephen G.
MInneapolis, MN
April 28, 2022

"Excellent and efficient work. Thankful that the Lindus crew was accommodating to our needs as homeowners and for their communication throughout."

Bloomington, MN
April 19, 2022
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