Sep 05, 2020

A Word About Roof Installation & Deck Maintenance

Lindus Construction’s COO, Andy Lindus offers advice concerning the importance of choosing reliable contractors for your home projects.

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Peace of Mind with Reliable Roofing Contractors

Having been in business over 40 years, we understand that the homeowners that have the highest amount of satisfaction with their roof installation project have taken the time to research their contractor and the shingles they are installing.  All too often after a storm, homeowners panic and sign with the first storm chasing roofer that shows up at their door. Oftentimes, this has catastrophic results, as the contractor may not finish the project, leaving the homeowners scrambling.  Storm chasing contractors frequently use builder grade materials, which are the bare minimum needed to meet code.  This truly is unfortunate, considering major manufacturers, like GAF, offer 50-year roofing warranties that cover both labor and materials.  They also offer a variety of attractive shingles that enhance a home’s curb appeal.

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One such example is the Glenwood® shingle which is the most authentic wood shake looking shingle available in the marketplace. This is achieved through a proprietary ultra-dimensional design.  A sign the roofing contractor you are working with is reputable is if they’re inspecting your attic at the time of your roofing estimate. This is because the vitality of your roof depends on having a properly insulated and ventilated attic.

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Choosing Decking Contractors with Solid Reputations

A reputable general contractor can act as a reliable resource for many types of exterior projects, including decking.  This type of professional will be the first to advise you that you get what you pay for when it comes to cedar deck stains.  Products made by Sikkens and Penofin can last up to three years which is exceptional for the extreme weather conditions of the Midwest.  The caveat to this statement is that the products must be properly installed.  It is imperative that the product is applied in a thick coat and that an ample amount of rags is used to soak up the excess stain.  When converting a deck to a porch, beware of any contractor that advocates the reusing of deck framing.  Oftentimes, the additional weight creates a scenario where the framing and footings must be reworked.  Failure to compensate for this can create a subpar end result.

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"We've had our roof replaced and LeafGuard® Gutters installed by Lindus and were quite happy with their workmanship."

Don N.
MInneapolis, MN
December 17, 2023

"Four years ago Lindus replaced our roof. By far the best installation we have ever had on the house. They have above and beyond professional workmanship. I walk my roof twice a year and no problems at all. I wish I could say that of the previous work done on the roof.  I wholeheartedly recommend them for whatever needs you have around your house."

Bob A.
Somerset, Wi
December 15, 2023

"Had new patio door installed, LeafGuard® Gutters and new roof. Very happy with the work and quality of the materials."

Joe L.
Maplewood, MN
December 14, 2023

"Paid a bit more to get a professionally installed roof and got just that. Could not be happier. After any hail event, they are always willing to come out and inspect for damage and will even check in with us to see if we need the roof checked. The LeafGuard® system is fabulous...as a person who has had a "ladder incident" I am thrilled to be able to stay on the ground and not worry about blocked gutters and keep runoff away from our foundation."

John L.
Burnsville, MN
December 14, 2023

"We had Lindus bid on our roof replacement and also remove and replace our LeafGuard® Gutters. Communication was great through the entire process, we were provided great information and options. The removal and replacement of the gutters was done right on schedule and completed quickly. Overall just very professional and I would have zero concerns trusting them for any job.

Aaron O.
Shoreview, MN
December 13, 2023

"The roof installation went very well. The crew was very nice. I am impressed by how fast they were in the heat."

David L.
Baldwin, WI
August 1, 2023
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