Nov 13, 2021

Exploring Porch Installation & Home Insulation Projects

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement questions answered by calling 651-461-9226.  Here’s must-know information from our in-house deck specialist, Luke Panek, shared on 11.13.21. 

Why Porch Installation With Insulation is Essential

The pandemic has led to many instances where homeowners are working remotely long-term. This has led to a surge in requests for three- and four-season porches.  Three season porches allow for expanded natural light and fresh air.  Three-season rooms require an exterior grade door. Homeowners can heat and cool the space as they wish. Four-season rooms must be conditioned, just like the rest of a home.  This means it must meet all the home insulation codes for the wall, attic, and floor.  A typical way to heat and cool a four-season porch is with an air source heat pump.  An air source heat pump has freon in it and heats and cools a room using ambient exterior air. Extending a home’s HVAC system into a four-season room is often problematic because the system frequently struggles to regulate the temperature of the home’s thermostat is often located so far away from the four-season room.

three season porch

A Glance At Attic Insulation

When it comes to attic insulation, a contractor should be able to fully explain why they recommend using the materials they do.  In modern attics with a rectangular shape and typical roof pitch, spray foam insulation is often used for attic air sealing.  From there, insulating your home with blown in loose fill cellulose will do the job.  Walls often have a combination of spray foam insulation and fiberglass.

House Wall Insulation

House walls are best insulated from the outside.  This is because the insulation can be continuous and without interruptions by wood framing.  This is best done during the siding installation process.  An insulated house wrap, such as Insultex™ House Wrap®, should be used.

LP SmartSide

A reliable house siding to accompany Insultex™ House Wrap® is LP® SmartSide® pre-finished in Diamond Kote®.  It wins favor with homeowners and contractors because of its beauty and its 35-year finish warranty.

Watch An Attic Insulation Project By Our Team of Contractors

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Home Insulation Reviews:

"We hired Lindus for attic insulation and new LeafGuard® Gutters. We had an issue arise a couple years after the work was completed. I called Lindus and had no problem scheduling someone to review and create a plan. Randal has worked diligently to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it permanently. The company truly does stand by their product, a claim that is not always realized, but with Lindus has proven to be true. I am so appreciative and would recommend them to anyone."

Sarah W.
Edina, MN
May 30, 2022

"The crew did a great job - and cleaned up every day! Love that. Very courteous and explained everything."

Janis H.
Hammond, WI
May 21, 2022

"On two occasions, Randall was at my house involving insulation issues.  He knows the business, is easy to work with, and I think he is a great asset to your company."

Mary W.
Maple Grove, MN
May 2, 2022

"Excellent and efficient work. Thankful that the Lindus crew was accommodating to our needs as homeowners and for their communication throughout."

Bloomington, MN
April 19, 2022

"Had Lindus blow in foam insulation into attic, what a difference it’s made! The house is noticeably warmer in the winter and my furnace is not running nearly as much as before. I know it will also help keep the house cool in the summer heat. They also installed some new windows and exterior trim. Everything turned out really well. Corey Hessler was fantastic in dealing with from start to finish and answered all my questions. Everyone I dealt with from Lindus, especially Corey, were kind and professional. In today’s day and age you get what you pay for. Lindus really delivers!"

Robert M.
Cottage Grove, MN
March 25, 2022

“I want to thank and commend Andy Lindus and his crew for a fantastic job.  I recently had my attic completely foam insulated and had some new windows installed.  Everything turned out fantastic.  I am very pleased.  I do have to note that the foam insulation made an immediate difference in keeping my house nice and warm this winter which helps on the heating bills.  Thanks again!”

Rob L.
Cottage Grove, MN
March 19, 2022
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