Jun 22, 2019

Partnering with the Right Home Improvement Contractor

Lindus Construction’s COO, Andy Lindus, speaks on how to find the right remodeling contractor for your home improvement project.

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The most expensive home improvement is the one you pay for twice.  Homeowners wanting to take on a full exterior home renovation that entails roofing, windows, siding, and gutters should take special care to ensure the home remodeling contractor they’re working with is reputable.  The contractor should schedule the job so that work is performed in the correct order.

The first step should be to replace the roof. This ensures that any shingles that inadvertently come in contact with the siding are not causing damage to new siding.  Windows should always be installed before siding because to allow for materials used in waterproofing and air infiltration to be installed first.

Installing covered gutters at the end of the process ensures that water is properly filtered away from the home, ensuring the maximum lifespan of the new exterior.  Home improvement professionals that have dedicated installers to each product they work on often produce the best results.  That’s because installers are well-versed in the materials and installation techniques they work with each day.

Lindus Construction crew installing siding on a Twin Cities homeIndustry-leading contractors may have longer lead times, but they are more likely to perform work correctly the first time and to the homeowners’ satisfaction.  The same cannot often be said for homeowners that entrust their project to storm chasing contractors.  Beware of any individual that simply shows up at your door stating that you have storm damage.  If they have license plates from several states away or use a PO box as their mailing address, it’s highly likely that work may be left incomplete and not up to par with building codes.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Storm Damage Restoration:

Another perk of working with reliable contractors is that they have solid industry contacts that can be of assistance for aspects of the project that cannot be handled by a general contractor such as radon mitigation, sump pump issues, and foundation repair.

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Lindus Construction has performed several outside projects on our house in Minnetonka. The first job involved the installation of steel roofing on our home. They did a great job cleaning up the area around the house.  The second project that we had them do was to install a new deck.  Lastly, we had Lindus replace our old vinyl siding.  We had them install LP® SmartSide® in blue.  The bottom line is, they don't take shortcuts and use quality materials.

Brian L.
Minnetonka, MN
December 13, 2023

"Expert gutter install by the crew from Lindus.  On time. Quick to respond to us regarding scheduling, etc. We were pleased by the work that was done, and the manner in which they conduct business."

Joyce H.
St. Paul, MN
December 13, 2023

"Lindus Construction reaches for the stars with their quality work, craftsmanship, and products, thanks to all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes."

Cassie B.
Hastings, MN
December 4, 2023

"Everything is up and looks good.  Thanks for your help with this."

Jeff D.
Blaine, MN
November 22, 2023

"Jake was very helpful and responsive in getting through this catastrophic event when a huge chunk of ice crashed through our family room ceiling. He was helpful in discussions with insurance company, especially as when they sent out an evaluator he spent less then 20 minutes on the job, then disappeared."

Gary I.
Stillwater, MN
September 10, 2023

"We had great service. We appreciated the great team that came out.  Thank you, Lindus."

John H.
Maplewood, MN
May 15, 2023
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