Dec 30, 2017

Ice Dam Risk Factors

Are ice dams a potential problem for your home? Learn the risk factors for ice dams and what you can do about them from our COO, Andy Lindus.

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How Cold Weather Affects Your Roof

With the subzero temperatures persisting, it’s unsafe to perform the vast majority of exterior home improvements unless it’s an emergency situation.  For many homeowners, the cold weather is highlighting areas of the house that may need examination, such as drafty windows.  This time of the year, subpar insulation and ventilation can manifest themselves through ice dams.

Story and a half homes are the most likely to encounter ice dams.  That’s because the upper level of the home consists of walls that are straight for the first few feet and then quickly start angling to the top of the room before flattening out again.

Spray foam insulation, ventilation, and attic air sealing are almost always needed in order to create a more energy efficient space.  Rooms with vaulted ceilings are also a challenge to insulate.  The best way to insulate this type of space is with a hot roof.  This process involves the application of spray foam insulation to the entire roof cavity.

Here’s How a Home Performance Test Can Help Pinpoint Where Your Home is Losing Energy:

The Importance of Using a Professional Home Improvement Contractor

A homeowner in Crystal, MN had a great room addition completed on his home seven years ago.  He opted to not put a basement underneath and chose to go with a block foundation.  He wanted to understand if insulating underneath the floorboards would be a wise decision in order to keep the room warmer in the winter months.  Andy informed him that choosing to insulate the floor boards would provide a significantly warmer and more energy efficient space.

He then told the story of a Minneapolis daycare facility our team had insulated.  Prior to us commencing work, the home addition that the daycare was located in had flooring that was perpetually cold.  In order to remedy the situation, spray foam insulation was used throughout the addition.

Upon completion, the owner of the daycare noticed a night and day difference.  Because the learning curve for the application of spray foam insulation is so steep, it is recommended that you retain the services of a reputable contractor, rather than try and tackle the project on your own.

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"Randall Bowman and an attic insulation crew attended to my Somerset, WI condo in Oct. 2023.  They were ahead of schedule, very conscientious about not causing any damage or mess in the house. Very conscientious about not blocking traffic for my condo development neighbors. And, they were very efficient-- finishing earlier than they estimated. I would highly recommend Lindus Construction and the two insulation company they contract with."

Deb M.
Somerset, WI
October 12, 2023

"Jake was very helpful and responsive in getting through this catastrophic event when a huge chunk of ice crashed through our family room ceiling. He was helpful in discussions with insurance company, especially as when they sent out an evaluator he spent less then 20 minutes on the job, then disappeared."

Gary I.
Stillwater, MN
September 10, 2023

"I thought it went very well!  No issues."

Brian B.
Ramsey, MN
August 24, 2023

"Fourth project with Lindus. Brandon Larson analyzed issues that occurred last winter.  He came up with a plan to prevent them from happening again."

Jane S.
Solon Springs, WI
August 7, 2023

"Everything went fine.  No problems."

Chip A.
Woodbury, MN
June 20, 2023

"Great job! Kept us informed! Also, was very considerate. Made sure everything was cleaned up at the end of the day and took care to always wear masks around us, since my wife is immune compromised."

Dave G.
Maplewood, MN
June 26, 2023
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