Components That Impact Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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The goal of a home’s insulation should be to create an attic space that is similar in temperature to what it is currently like outdoors.  This will minimize heat loss.  If a homeowner is questioning if their attic has enough insulation, a measuring stick can be used to see if the insulation to R-value is correct.  In Wisconsin and Minnesota, homeowners should strive for a minimum R-50 value.  Dirty insulation can be an indication that excess air movement is occurring in your attic.  Reputable insulation contractors using diagnostic tools, such as smoke sticks, infrared imaging, and blower doors can show homeowners where their home insulation may be lacking.

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When getting an estimate for a new roof, it’s a sign you’re working with a reputable contractor if they’re also checking out your attic insulation.  That’s because faulty attic insulation can lower the lifespan of a new roof by as much as half.  Whether the contractor is installing fiberglass, blown-in, or cellulose insulation, the contractor should be able to explain the type(s) of insulation they recommend and why.  The contractor should also be discussing attic ventilation.  That’s because an attic’s warm air, if not removed in a proper way, can cause damage like ice dams.  Quality soffit and roof vents are worth the investment because of how they function to promote damage to a home.

Insulation Expert Assesses Attic

When working on multiple home improvement projects at the same time, it’s wise to work with a single contractor.  Even though this can push out timelines because it may take longer to get on their schedule, a reputable contractor with positive online reviews is worth the wait.  This is because they are true craftsmen that will complete the job correctly.  They also have solid industry contacts for subcontractors, such as plumbers and electricians, and will hold them accountable for quality.

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Another area of the home that can comprise its energy efficiency is its windows.  Not all windows are equal.  Builder grade windows, those that meet but do not exceed code, only last 15-20 years.  Foggy glass, drafts, and frost formation can all be indicators that a window has reached the end of its lifespan.

In the winter months, home humidity levels should be less than in the summer months.  This is particularly true when temperatures hit sub-zero levels.  Excess home humidity levels can lead to frost, window condensation, mold, and wood rot.

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