E12: Cory Doesn’t Get The Selling Process

Sep 02, 2020 Podcast

Cory Hepoloa has a house and wonders what he would need to fix if he was to put his home on the market.  Andy explains the buying and selling process, while detailing what reg flags to look out for on any home inspection report.  Andy also gives Cory his top home renovations that CAN wait and those that CAN’T.  

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E9: Cory Doesn’t Get ROI

Jul 23, 2020 Podcast

Cory Hepola has a house and figures he should try to be conscious of what he’s doing. Andy Lindus gives Cory a heads up on the home improvements that have the best and worst return on investment, while also theorizing why certain outdoor living spaces are trending this summer.

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The Best Appliances for a Healthier Lifestyle

Jul 21, 2020 Article

Appliances do a lot more than cook, cool and clean these days. They come loaded with a variety of features to make day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable. Savvy consumers have caught on and seek out appliances to match their lifestyles and keep their homes running more efficiently.

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E8: Cory Doesn’t Get Reality TV

Jul 09, 2020 Article

Cory Hepola has a house and figures he should add a deck, but why isn’t the process the same as it is on those reality TV shows? Andy Lindus tells Cory how those shows misrepresent the home improvement industry, while also detailing how to know if your roof needs to be repaired and when it makes sense to call a handyman service or a general contractor.

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E7: Cory Doesn’t Get Tools

Jun 18, 2020 Podcast

Cory Hepola has a house and figures he should probably get some tools to fix it up once in awhile.  But, what tools does he need?  And, how does he use them properly?  Andy gives Cory his power tool starter kit and warns him of some common home improvement scams.

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E5: Cory Doesn’t Get Technology

May 26, 2020 Podcast

Get the story of how the home improvement industry is continuously evolving with the assistance of technology, such as 3D renderings, smart technology, and infrared imaging. 

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E4: Cory Doesn’t Get How To D-I-Y

May 07, 2020 Podcast

Curious which DIY home improvements you can do yourself and which should be left to the pros?  Andy Lindus shares his take on the subject with Cory Hepola of WCCO Radio in the duo’s most recent podcast episode.

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E2: Cory Doesn’t Get Springtime

Apr 15, 2020 Podcast

Cory has a house and figures he should probably be doing something to it since spring is coming. But, what? Andy details his spring homeowner checklist and helps Cory avoid cutting the wrong corners.

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E1: Cory Doesn’t Get 2020 Trends

Apr 13, 2020 Podcast

Cory might seem like a confident Millennial, but he’s a homeowner who needs major help. Without damaging his delicate ego, Andy carefully guides Cory through the 2020 trends and explains why the trades are a good option for anyone looking to avoid student debt.

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