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For homeowners looking to improve the overall comfort and energy efficiency of their home, a heat map analysis performed by a reputable contractor can prove beneficial.  With the assistance of diagnostic tools such as smoke sticks, borescopes, blower doors, infrared imaging, or a heat map analysis can show where a home is losing energy.  Once this has been determined, the contractor can provide customized, long-term solutions that may include insulation, ventilation, and attic air sealing.

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For homeowners pondering a new maintenance-free deck, TimberTech® AZEK proves to be an optimum choice.  While it can be tempting to reuse deck framing and reface your decking, the preexisting framing is usually inadequate.  When using composite decking, it’s best practice to do one foot on center.  While composite decking is stronger than wood, it is more prone to expansion and contraction.  Being able to fasten the deck every foot vs. 16 inches or two feet is a solution that offers better peace of mind.



When evaluating custom windows for your home, it’s wise to investigate the glass being used in them.  Cardinal Glass wins favor with contractors and homeowners alike because it utilizes a stainless-steel spacer. This type of glass is utilized in both double pane Infinity° from Marvin® and triple pane SeasonGuard windows.  When the internal temperature of these brands of windows are tested, the Infinity® from Marvin windows test warmer than the triple pane.  This occurs because Infinity® from Marvin windows have a wider glass pack.  Infinity® from Marvin windows also have lower condensation rates than other windows in their category.

When interviewing potential window contractors, verify that their quote is for full frame window replacement.  This method allows them to fully inspect the rough opening for mold, mildew, and dry rot.  An advantage full frame window replacement has over insert windows is that the new windows are manufactured for the opening they are being installed in.  Quality window installers can also identify which windows are in the most urgent need of replacement and which can wait until the next phase of your project.  Another advantage to working with a seasoned pro is that they suggest a reliable window, like Infinity® from Marvin, that utilizes EverWood® Engineered Finish that can be stained to match a home’s preexisting woodwork.  EverWood® also wins high marks for its close imitation of wood without the maintenance.


One of the most frequent inquiries roof installers receive is whether a hot roof or a vented roof is better.  The answer to this completely depends on the home.  The term “hot roof” describes any attic space that in unvented.  In this configuration, the attic is filled with insulationVaulted ceilings, often found in great rooms, typically have a hot roof, which acts as a preventative against ice dams.  To create a hot roof, a roof deck is often removed so that spray foam insulation can be applied to the entire cavity.  Another approach can be applying three inches of spray foam insulation before installing a metal roof over the top.        

If your roofing contractor is suggesting a vented roof, ask them to explain the type(s) of vents they are suggesting and why.  In some scenarios, multiple types of roof vents can work against each other, causing mold and dry rot to occur within a home.  Ventilation needs to have the proper 60/40 pull from the soffit or fascia vent area up through the roof.

Many homeowners opting for a new roof also choose to include VELUX sun tunnels as part of their project.

Timberline HZ Weathered Wood

When considering shingles for your roof, GAF’s Timberline® HDZ™ is worth a hard look.  New to the market, Timberline® HDZ™ shingles are the first shingles in the marketplace offered with an unlimited wind warranty.  This is primarily due to the nailing pattern being used on the shingles in tandem with the manufacturing process.  Timberline® HDZ™ works exceptionally well on steeper roofs where gravity can work against shingles.  Even more impressive is the fact that shingle glue can activate at temperatures as low as 20°, which allows them to be installed throughout most of the winter months.


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"I wanted to make sure and give you guys feedback on how exceptional the deck workmanship was. Your team, and the guy who led the work team were absolutely fantastic."

Eric S.
Shoreview, MN
March 17, 2020

"Patrick and Robbie worked through some tough weather (rain, sleet, snow) as well having to navigate snow piles and deep snow. Their workmanship and cleanup has been "top notch"!  Patrick, as the lead, has kept us well informed throughout the process and demonstrated a fine example of excellent leadership to Robbie and to us as Lindus customers."

Tom F.
Hudson, WI
March 10, 2020

"Customer service and great products were the reason I chose Lindus!  They proved it today came out fixed the track in the window that I goofed up. And took the time to explain what I did wrong and how to fix if I happen to do it again. Thank you, Sam."

Mike B.
Robbinsdale, MN
February 26, 2020

"New roof looks good, crew were very hard working and seemed capable and experienced.  Nice job cleaning up removing all the residue.  There was a brief shower during the job, they covered the roof well and completed the job before leaving on that day.  Old gutters and downspouts were left on and replaced a few days later.  Appreciate this as we had heavy rain a day or so later before the new installation and without the them remaining it could have been a problem.  New gutters and downspouts are an improvement and the crew was considerate and talented."

Otto & Mary Ann P.
Roseville, MN
June 10, 2019

"Their products and installation are amazing."

Mike N.
Richfield, MN
March 13, 2020

"Quality of work very good. Quality control, the project report and followup exceptional."

Paul M.
St. Paul, MN
October 11, 2019
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