Suzanne’s LeafGuard® Gutter Installation Project In Edina, MN

In addition to their beauty, one of the biggest reasons homeowners opt to have a LeafGuard® Gutter System installed on their home is because of the peace of mind they offer.  Awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal, and accompanied with warranties for clogging and the paint finish, there’s no worry of having to maintain them after installation.  When Suzanne reached out to us earlier this year, it was because she wanted to get an estimate for gutter installation on her backyard shed.  We appreciated the shed’s contemporary brown and white color scheme, charming windows, and alluring light fixtures.  In order for the rain gutter replacement to add to the shed’s aesthetics, we suggested the used of LeafGuard® Gutters in Egg Shell with Terratone downspouts.  We utilized a configuration that allowed a rain barrel to be installed for plant watering.

Problems Our Seamless Gutter Installation Helped Solve


The absence of seamless gutters causes rainwater to quickly gush from the roof towards landscaping, damaging nearby plants.  In addition, uncontrolled rainwater can lead to soil erosion and uneven ground.

Corrosion, Rot, & Mold

Uncontrolled rainwater will pool around the base of a shed and eventually penetrate the foundation, making it insecure.  Even more concerning is that wooden sheds can begin to rot if they repeatedly come in contact with heavy, uncontrolled rain.  If water is allowed to repeatedly splash against a shed, it’s only a matter of time before mold and mildew begin to grow.  All of which area reasons that make installing gutters necessary.

Indoor Water Damage

Without properly functioning rain gutters and downspouts, there’s a high probability that water will infiltrate a shed’s interior.  This leads to staining, damaged belongings, and the shed’s structural integrity being compromised.

Gutter Services Homeowners Can Trust

Reflecting on her project, Suzanne had this to say, “The entire process was very professional from estimate, scheduling, onsite installation and final billing. We have worked with MANY contractors and construction companies over the years and not all have gone so smooth. I would highly recommend Lindus for your next gutter installation. Thank you, Lindus!!”

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Gutter Installation Reviews From Edina, MN Homeowners:

I contacted Lindus due to some frustration with my current gutters and wanting to move a few downspouts. I ended up working with Brandon L, who helped walk me through the entire process and left no detail unchecked. It was such an easy choice compared to other products (quality, price, warrantee, etc). The communication throughout the process was fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with the work. Couldn’t recommend them enough"!

Matt K.
Edina, MN
July 24, 2022

"Very satisfied with Lindus company workers.  Lindus is a great company and does what is presented. Very happy we chose Lindus even though it was our highest offer. We will show others what Lindus did for us."

Don S.
Edina, MN
July 22, 2022

"As always a great LeafGuard® installation. Yes, they are expensive but worth every penny. Thank you."

Roy S.
Edina, MN
June 9, 2022

"We hired Lindus for attic insulation and new LeafGuard® Gutters. We had an issue arise a couple years after the work was completed. I called Lindus and had no problem scheduling someone to review and create a plan. Randal has worked diligently to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it permanently. The company truly does stand by their product, a claim that is not always realized, but with Lindus has proven to be true. I am so appreciative and would recommend them to anyone."

Sarah W.
Edina, MN
May 30, 2022

"Great knowledgeable salesman! Excellent response to questions. Product works as advertised. Installed LeafGuard® Gutters. Installers were knowledgeable & well trained."

Richard A.
Edina, MN
March 12, 2021

"Lindus installed their LeafGuard® Gutters. Workers were on site as scheduled and completed the job within the time frame as contracted. Workers were very careful around landscaping during install and they cleaned up thoroughly. Very professional workmanship. No debris found around our home or yard. Most impressive was the follow-up inspection to confirm that gutters installed to drain properly."

Tim M.
Edina, MN
September 30, 2021
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