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There’s something special to be said for a home that continues to stay in the same family decade after decade.  Multiple generations share meals, laughter and memories within the same space, creating a cherished legacy.

Nicci’s 1970’s Home Remodel Project

When our client, Nicci, first reached out to our company, she had recently purchased the home her father had built in the 1970’s and it would now be the place she would raise her family.  Her top priorities were siding and window replacement, with the goal of creating a more aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient exterior.  Here’s how our team was able to assist in this dramatic exterior transformation.

MN Siding Replacement:

When we first visited Nicci’s home, we took note that it still had the original rough sawn cedar siding.  We appreciated the rustic look the markings on the wood provided, but also knew that it needed replacement due to rot, swelling, and warping in some areas.  These components were all compromising the material’s ability to properly insulate the home and were detracting from the property’s curb appeal.

steel siding

Nicci was interested in selecting a maintenance-free siding material that imitated the look of the home’s cedar siding. TruCedar® steel siding proved to be a superb choice.  This durable steel siding is manufactured to imitate the look of wood.  It has a steel core that is warrantied never to crack, melt, wick water, peel, chalk, or fade like lesser siding materials.

In order to review potential siding colors, our team created several 3D digital renderings of the home to consider.  Ultimately, a 4” lap in Ironstone was selected because it carried out the look of the home’s original one and played well with the home’ s architecture.

steel siding

Home Window Replacement

Replacing windows and siding in tandem offers savings in the way of labor costs and provides a better overall outcome because the caulking and sealing of window openings, trim, and siding joints will only occur once.  In Nicci’s case, several of the home’s windows had reached the end of their lifespan and were energy inefficient.  Looking for a long-term solution she opted for SeasonGuard window installation in several rooms of her home including the master bathroom, basement, kitchen, and a few bedrooms.  Exclusive to Lindus Construction SeasonGuard triple pane windows can be customized with a variety of colors, finishes and hardware options.  With winter on the horizon, these new windows should help significantly lower Nicci’s energy bills.  She also enjoyed the ultimate peace of mind is offered because SeasonGuard replacement windows come with lifetime warranties that cover glass breakage, all moving parts, and workmanship.  The best part about the warranties is that they transfer to the next owners, which in Nicci’s case, will likely be one of her children.

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Reviews from Lindstrom, MN Homeowners:

"When we finally decided on building a covered porch, we were initially going to get a couple of quotes for the job. Lindus was the first contractor we had over to talk about the project and give us a quote. After talking with the representative, we were so impressed with what he had to say and the materials he showed us that they'd be using we decided to go with Lindus. If I had one word to describe our experience with Lindus it would be PROFESSIONALISM from start to finish!!

Jay M.
Lindsrom, MN
December 26, 2023

"Helpful salesperson.  Efficient crew that demonstrated care for my property."

Kevin B.
Lindstrom, MN
October 7, 2022

"You have gone the extra mile for us. Thank you - what a great worker Lindus has! "We have enjoyed having you here."

Jay M.
Lindstrom, MN
September 30, 2022

"Just want to tell you all this has been a good experience for us. Trevor and company finished our gutters today and they look great. We would recommend Lindus. Thank you all."  

Warren T.
Lindstrom, MN
April 19, 2022

"Please pass on that Randahl and crew did a wonderful job re-roofing our house yesterday. It looks just wonderful. Everybody worked very hard to complete it in just a day. Awesome."

Warren & Sue T.
Lindstrom, MN
April 12, 2022

"The inside appearance of our garage was immensely improved and could best be described as marvelous and dazzling, along with much warmer with the new insulation.  We have been impressed with the employees of Lindus Construction."

Bonita H.
Lindstrom, MN
February 26, 2021
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