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Building a New Deck? Here’s Why TimberTech® Decking is Worth Considering!

22 January 2021

If one of your new year’s resolutions was to create more outdoor living space, a logical place to start is researching decking materials and contractors.  More often than not, homeowners gravitate towards maintenance-free decking options over wood.  However, it’s important to understand that not all maintenance-free decking materials are the same.  Here’s why a TimberTech® deck merits careful consideration.

What It Is: TimberTech® decking is a cellular PVC synthetic decking material.  It’s an ideal match for homeowners that live in climates that experience notable climate and humidity fluctuations throughout the year.  A major way this material differentiates itself from other maintenance-free products is that it does not contain sawdust. This is important because TimberTech® decks will experience less expansion and contraction than decking materials with sawdust.

new deck and patio

Lifespan: When compared against wood, a TimberTech® deck has a substantially longer shelf life.  Their capped composite deck boards are designed to withstand damage from UV rays and moisture.  This allows the company to offer an industry-leading 30-Year Fade & Stain Limited Warranty, offering homeowners the ultimate peace of mind.

Aesthetics: For homeowners that crave the beauty of wood without the maintenance, TimberTech® is an ideal choice.  Offered in an array of colors and collections, TimberTech® imitates the woodgrain look found on natural decking boards.  In addition, solid decking colors can be installed.


Surface Considerations: How the deck boards react to the changing of the seasons should be a characteristic that homeowners evaluate prior to making a final selection.  TimberTech®’s surface temperature is substantially cooler than other materials in its class, making it an ideal choice for homeowners that would like the ability to walk barefoot across their deck in the summer months.  While some maintenance-free decking materials are quite slippery after they have been snowed on, TimberTech® does not have this issue.

Environmentally Conscious: In order to be as sustainable as possible, TimberTech® makes it a point to utilize recycled materials in their composite decking. In fact, their composite decking is comprised of up to 80% of recycled materials, including 100% recycled wood and plastic.  This keeps many more trees in forests and reduces strain on landfills.


Straightforward Maintenance: With TimberTech® decking, no sanding, staining, or sealing is required.  Instead, homeowners are encouraged to gently power wash their deck as needed.  This allows for the safe removal of pollen, dirt, and grime.

Go Behind the Scenes on a TimberTech® Decking Project Completed by Lindus Construction: 

Return on Investment: Potential homebuyers understand the expense of maintaining a wood deck and its minimal lifespan.  Therefore, installing a TimberTech® adds value to a home because of the minimal upkeep required.

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