Apr 20, 2023

When is the Best Time to Install Attic Vent Chutes?

Proper attic ventilation is a critical component of any roofing system.  Without the right ventilation system, mold growth and ice dams can form , leading to bigger and costly issues. Also, without the right ventilation for an attic, a roof’s warranty becomes void – meaning you could miss out on support for future repair if something goes wrong.

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What Are Attic Vent Chutes?

Attic chutes, also known as attic baffles, play a key role in removing heated air in an attic. Through a small baffle, they introduce fresh air to the space.  They can come in various widths and lengths to fit between the roof sheathing and rafters. Attic baffles are often made from cardboard and foam. They work in tandem with the soffit system to circulate air and ensure correct attic airflow.

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Signs You Need New Attic Chutes Installed

Without correct ventilation for your attic, mold can grow on the following areas:

  • Roof deck
  • Insulation
  • Sheathing

Mold growth in attics can lead to a potentially dangerous environment in your home and even cause health issues for you and your family. Incorrect attic vents can also lead to dark spots on rafters or joists from contact with water.  With vent chutes, humid air has an exit point from your attic.

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When Is The Best Time To Install Attic Vent Chutes?

If an insulation contractor identifies the need for attic chutes in your home, time is of the essence. Improper ventilation for attics can cause extreme heat and roof degradation.

In most cases, ventilation for an attic is often part of a larger insulation project.  A healthy attic needs to control attic airflow with both insulation and home ventilation.  Many homeowners have their attic ventilation system addressed before summer and winter.  Not only does this create a cozier temperature in the house, but the chutes can help lower utility bills. Learn fast facts about insulation installation and how windows can play a role when trying to achieve desired home comfort levels.

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Why Attic Ventilation Components Should Be Installed by a Reputable Contractor

Installing insulation and ventilation for attics is not a project for rookies.  A professional understands the way attic airflow should function. They also have the skillset and equipment to efficiently install attic baffles.  A home ventilation professional also understands how to safely install attic chutes and clean-up after the project is done.


Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Installing Ventilation & Insulation

Homeowners attempting to install proper attic ventilation and insulation often run into problems. Professionals that install attic chutes are in high demand in peak seasons. If they are willing to fix your ventilation and insulation project, it may take weeks.

Here are common DIY attic vent chute and insulation installation mistakes:

  • Not using the correct number of chutes or baffles
  • Installing the wrong insulation
  • Taking shortcuts on ventilation that cause money
  • Blocking airflow
  • Improper attic air sealing

Learn more about how to avoid costly issues with attic ventilation.

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