Aug 07, 2014

Do You Need Attic Vent Chutes Installed In Your Home?

Did you know that 9 out of 10 homes in the US do not have proper attic ventilation? This past Saturday, on our WCCO radio show, home ventilation was a big topic, especially the use of attic chutes.  An attic vent chute plays an important role in removing heated air from your attic and bringing fresh air in through a small baffle. The best way to determine whether or not you need attic vent chutes is to set up an estimate with a local contractor, like us here at Lindus Construction, to come out and inspect the air flow in your attic. Below are some warning signs that you may need attic vent chutes installed.

attic chute

Your Soffits are Clogged

Probably the number one indicator that you need chutes installed is if the soffits on your home continue to clog up with debris and insulation. Having attic chutes installed that go right over the soffits will allow air in, but keep debris away.

Signs of Mold

A common problem in attic spaces is the buildup of mold from water and condensation caused by warm air rising. If you notice mold along your roof deck, insulation, sheathing or any other area close to your attic, you probably need attic vent chutes installed.  Additionally, if your rafters, joists or house sheathing have darker spots where water has been sitting, it’s an indication that humid air is being trapped in your attic.

Without An Attic Vent Chute, Temperatures May Be Warmer

Do you find yourself saying, “It’s hot up here” when you are in or near your attic area or do you feel warm air rising from your below living space? A common cause of this is that insulation in between the roof deck and soffit has been moved by air flow coming through the vents. Having attic vent chutes installed will redirect this air flow.

Everything Looks Rusty

If you notice that the nails and screws used in your attic are rusted, attic vent chutes can remedy the situation by allowing humid air to escape.

Proper Attic Ventilation Will Offer Your Home:

1) Reduced cooling costs in the warmer months.

2) The prevention of ice dams in the winter months.

3) Extension of the life of your shingles avoiding premature aging of your roofing system

4) Prevention of mold & mildew growth due to moisture buildup.

5) You will avoid any warping or cracking of your wood framing

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"Had Lindus blow in foam insulation into attic, what a difference it’s made! The house is noticeably warmer in the winter and my furnace is not running nearly as much as before. I know it will also help keep the house cool in the summer heat. They also installed some new windows and exterior trim. Everything turned out really well. Corey Hessler was fantastic in dealing with from start to finish and answered all my questions. Everyone I dealt with from Lindus, especially Corey, were kind and professional. In today’s day and age you get what you pay for. Lindus really delivers!"

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March 25, 2022

“I want to thank and commend Andy Lindus and his crew for a fantastic job.  I recently had my attic completely foam insulated and had some new windows installed.  Everything turned out fantastic.  I am very pleased.  I do have to note that the foam insulation made an immediate difference in keeping my house nice and warm this winter which helps on the heating bills.  Thanks again!”

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March 19, 2022

"Yesterday, Chris came to my townhouse to inspect my insulation. Chris was professional, courteous, and shared great information with me. A less ethical company could have easily tried to sell me additional insulation. But Chris, who represents Lindus really well, shared with me the status of my insulation and let me know there was no need to add or replace insulation. Please know how much I appreciate his professionalism and honesty. For all future projects i will turn to Lindus. I will tell my friends and family to do the same."

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February 24, 2022
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