Jul 06, 2015

Understanding Common Kitchen Island Styles

One of the most sought after kitchen features is an island.  In fact, 80% of home buyers feel that it falls into the “desirable or essential” categories, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Homebuilders.  Here’s our guide to the most popular kitchen island styles.


What It Is: This style of island is comprised of cabinets and a countertop.  It does not need to be installed flush with a wall.

Why You Need One: Homeowners with built-in islands appreciate the extra storage and seating space that this type of island allows.  There’s no need to turn your back to guests as you prepare meals and entertain as the island is accessible from all four sides.


What It Is:  Freestanding islands are a piece of furniture that can be placed in a kitchen in order to expand food prep and serving space but can be removed at any time.  They often have an open base and are much smaller than built-ins, making them great for small kitchens.

Why You Need One: If you’ve got anxiety at the thought of committing to the same island for the next 15 years, a free standing one is the way to go.  It can be moved out of the kitchen when you get tired of it.


What It Is: Repurpose an antique oversized dresser or buffet by installing a stone countertop on it and perking it up with a fresh coat of paint.

Why You Need One: Placing an ultra-modern kitchen island in a historic home is going to look out of place.  But an upcycled kitchen island can be a wonderful addition to the space.  They’re easy to track down in antique shops, cost-effective and one of a kind.

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What It Is: If you’re on a shoestring budget but still craving a covetable kitchen, why don’t you roll your sleeves up and get to work on making your own kitchen island? Popular DIY options include islands made of pallets, crates and salvaged woods.

Why You Need One: If you’re like us, there are few things more rewarding than building something with your own two hands.  Additionally, making your own ensures that yours will be a truly unique conversation piece for years to come.

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