Sep 03, 2022

How Home Insulation & Exterior Doors Can Up Energy Efficiency

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Every year, the top home improvement trade publications put together a list of the home improvement projects that offer the best long-term payoff.  What many of these lists fail to consider are home improvements that can improve home energy efficiency.  As utility rates continue to climb, this feature is expected to be more sought after.  Here’s why property owners should consider upgrades to their home insulation and exterior doors to create a more valuable, comfortable, and energy efficient home.

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Improving Energy Efficiency With Insulation & Home Air Sealing

When completing a home insulation project, homeowners should be taking care to make sure they are digging deeper into their attic and home ventilation systems.  This includes digging deeper into exhaust vents and the property’s vapor barrier.  While a home’s R-value is important, does less for ice dam prevention than attic air sealing does.  Simply adding home insulation to an attic can do more harm than good.  That’s because ignoring home air sealing can lead to frost formation in the attic.  When frost occurs in an attic, it is not long before mold forms.  Home insulation that becomes wet from frost or is covered in mold is no longer salvageable.  In this case, it is best practice to have an insulation contractor remove the preexisting insulation and start over with a clean slate.  To adhere to the best insulation and ventilation practices, an attic that needs a bare attic should first be covered in 2 ½ inches of spray foam.  To achieve R-60, cellulose insulation is then blown in.

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Entry Door & Energy Efficiency

New entry door installation often increases a home’s energy efficiency.  That’s because there are an array of front door replacement materials that often fit better and have better insulation than older models.  That’s because more door installation services now offer house doors that are specifically made for the rough opening it is being installed in.  Additionally, entry door installation can also up a home’s curb appeal.

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Bonus: Learn About the Differences Between Fiberglass & Steel Entry Doors

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