Dec 16, 2020

Six Advantages of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are horizontal and have sashes that slide left to right, rather than up and down.  Their straightforward design makes them an excellent choice for tricky to reach areas.  If home window replacement is in your near future, sliding windows are worth considering.  Here’s why!

Copious Amounts of Natural Light

An advantage sliding windows have over other window styles is the amount of natural light they allow to filter into the home.  That’s because sliding windows are manufactured with sizable glass panels and svelte streamlined frames.

Ease of Operation

For homeowners opting to age in place, sliding windows prove to be a wise choice because they are easier to open than casement windows, which are operated with a crank, handle, or lever.

seasonguard sliding windows

Substantial Ventilation

By their very design, sliding windows are custom manufactured to provide top tier ventilation through their multiple panels.


Because sliding windows have fewer moving parts, such as pulleys and cranks, they have increased stability.

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Fitting for Small Spaces

Sliding windows work particularly well in homes with low ceilings or minimal square footage.  Because sliding windows open left to right, rather than up and down, a larger window can be installed on a compact wall than is possible with a vertically configured window.  For homes that only have windows on the front and the back, instead of the sides, sliding windows can work wonders to illuminate as much of the home’s interior as possible.  They’re also a practical selection for spots in close proximity to walkways, decks, and porches where it would be unnatural to install a window that swings out.


Sliding windows, much like sliding doors, are a natural fit for most architectural styles.  They also provide unimpeded views of the outdoors, allowing you to showcase your backyard or cityscape.  Glass, color, and hardware can be customized to take into consideration the homeowner’s tastes.

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"Service and work were excellent; thank you!"

Ron B.
Burnsville, MN
January 19, 2023

"Always polite and considerate. Last inspection was a quality control and I was impressed with him and his thorough inspection. Great job!"

Irene S.
Bloomington, MN
December 20, 2022

"All went well.  Your guys are top shelf, very skilled, professional, and tidy!"

Dave & Tina G.
Rosemount, MN
December 7, 2022

"They replaced the windows in my house and did a beautiful job! A year later one of the windows had a leak during a rainstorm. They made multiple trips back to my house free of charge to make sure the window was no longer leaking! I couldn’t be happier with their warranty and services!"

Shane J.
Forest Lake, MN
August 31, 2022

"Window quality and trim work is fabulous. Matches so well!"

Becky C.
Hammond, WI
August 18, 2022

"Our experience was great!! Jared and Tanner were the workers. They kept us informed of their coming and going, cleaned up after each day. Great workers and craftsmen!! We will see how things go and may want more windows worked on."

Mary Ann S.
Maple Grove, MN
August 12, 2022
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