Signs Your House Is Vulnerable This Winter and Steps To Take

In the Midwest, substantial amounts of snow can fall as early as October.  This means now is the time to prep your home for winter.  Use this checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Inspect Your Roof for Missing Shingles: While a few missing shingles from storm damage or heavy winds can seem minor, this issue should not be ignored.  That’s because ice, snow, and rain constantly pounding on that spot without the shingle can allow water in to deteriorate insulation, wood, and drywall. That same water (even a small amount) can make electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems vulnerable.

Perform a Wet Hand Test on Your Windows: Now is the ideal time to inspect the exterior molding on your windows.  A straightforward way to test a suspected leak is to wet your hand and hold it a few inches from the edge of the window. If there is a leak, you’ll feel air blowing on your hand.  All leaks should be carefully caulked.  If this has been a persistent issue with your windows, it may be time to consider full frame window replacement.

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Check Your Gutters: Gutters that are clogged with leaves, twigs, and organic debris are a recipe for disaster.  Although clogged gutters don’t directly lead to ice dams, they can make the situation worse.  As a roof begins to heat up, and the snow melts, the water that is created needs a spot to exit.  If gutters are clogged, they cannot disperse water away from the home.  Instead, the water will push back up on the roof causing the ice dam to grow.  Clogged gutters that do not channel water far enough away from a home can also result in icy driveways and sidewalks.

Look for Peeling Paint: Inspect the exterior walls of your home.  If you notice paint that is peeling, it can be a sign that the existing paint film is failing and no longer protecting your home. If you leave it, the siding is at risk of deteriorating.  Two types of siding that offer the ultimate peace of mind are LP® SmartSide® and steel siding.  Both are durable, long-lasting, and enhance a home’s curb appeal.

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