Jan 25, 2021

Signs of a Shady Roofing Contractor

Your home’s roof is a critical component to keeping the interior of your home protected from Mother Nature.  This substantial investment should not be entrusted to just any contractor.  Rather, the professional you hired should be carefully screened to ensure that the end result is an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting roof.  If you encounter any of the below scenarios, it’s likely the roofer you are dealing with is a con artist.

They Knock on Your Door After a Storm

In most cases, quality roofing contractors have a steady workflow due to an ample amount of online reviews and customer referrals.  While they may check on their customers and their neighbors after a storm, they aren’t canvassing entire neighborhoods claiming there’s hail damage without ever actually inspecting a home’s roof.  Storm chasing contractors often offer to act as the only contact with a homeowner’s insurance company and do their best to have the insurance settlement check made out to them.  When this happens, the homeowner no longer has the ability to withhold payment for subpar or incomplete work.
hail to roof

They Demand Full Payment Upfront

A reasonable request is 1/3 of the project price as a down payment.  This provides funds for the contractor to order materials for the roof installation.  However, if a contractor insists they need the entire project amount before scheduling the job, it’s highly probable that they have botched previous jobs or had their line of credit revoked.  Paying a contractor in full ahead of time also makes it impossible for the homeowner to hold back payment until the job is completed to their full satisfaction.

They Offer to Do the Work Without a Permit

Sketchy roofing contractors will offer to install your new roof without a permit under the guise that it will save cash.  However, failing to pull a permit foregoes a third-party inspection that can certify that the work adheres to building code.  In addition, your insurance company does not have to approve a claim on a roof that fails because of incorrect installation practices.

roof installation

Their Bid is Significantly Lower Than the Others You Received

It’s best practice to interview at least three roofing contractors prior to making a final decision.  Beware of any contractor that has a bid substantially lower than the others.  They’re likely using cheap materials, skimping on insurance, or going to sock you with additional exorbitant charges for unanticipated issues that supposedly occur during the project.  While there are issues, such as rot, that are not evident until the old shingles have been torn off, reputable contractors will be upfront about labor and material costs on their contract.

They Can Start Their Project ASAP

Simply put, trustworthy contractors tend to have substantial lead times because they have built a strong reputation.  If a roofing contractor states that they can start your project within the week, proceed with extreme caution.

They Ask You to Pull the Permit

If a permit is required for your roofing project, it’s critical that the contractor be the one to pull it.  Without this, the homeowner is responsible for any work that isn’t up to code.

They Provide A Total Price But Won’t Document How They Came Up With It

All roofing contracts should include a scope of work that offers line item pricing for items such as shingles, labor, underlayment, and flashing.  The contractor should also be transparent about the brands of materials being used and colors so there are no surprises once installation happens.

View Drone Footage of a Twin Cities Roofing Installation Completed by Lindus Construction: 

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Our Storm Damage Restoration Reviews:

"They replaced our roof following hail damage last summer. Did a wonderful job! Replaced sheathing in an area around the fireplace chimney where we have had a leak for many years and nobody else has been able to find it. Also replaced our soffits with a continuous vent design which hopefully will lessen our ice dam problems in the future. Excellent workmanship all around!"

Dianne B
Stillwater, MN
July 14, 2023

"Dylan was great to work with! He helped get my insurance estimate on par with the work to be done and made sure I got a great product for my house."

Logan J.
Woodville, WI
July 7, 2023

"Brandon Larson from Lindus came out and inspected my roof only to find it was covered in hail damage and needed to be replaced. He worked directly with my insurance to get it covered 100%.  From a quality perspective, they did a really nice job and did the work quickly to avoid too much disruption to me and my family.  I am pleased with Lindus and would highly recommend them for future projects."

Daniel P.
Menomonie, WI
June 29, 2023

"The team at Lindus put on our new roof in a day and it is such high quality!  Special shout out to Eric for all of his work a head of time with the insurance company and educating us on what was happening, why, and providing us with information on how the quality of a Lindus roof is superior to others. Thank you all!"

Melanie G.
Hudson, WI
June 28, 2023

"I've dealt with Lindus on the different homes and they are always on time, do excellent work and communicate really well. Brandon Larson just went through a new contract with me for replacing a storm damaged roof, and he was always on time and carefully went through all the paperwork with me."

Judith S.
Woodbury, MN
May 17, 2023

"Lindus Construction was great to work with. We had hail damage to our roof, siding and windows. They really went to bat for us with the insurance company which was greatly appreciated.  The crews that did the work were friendly and very professional. They really know what they are doing and work together extremely well. We are so very happy with the results. We will have no hesitation to use this company in the future."

David L.
Baldwin, WI
April 5, 2023
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