Oct 08, 2023

Tips For Optimizing Light in Your Home

When done correctly, your home’s lighting fixtures should complement and blend into their surroundings.  As you select lighting for your home, it’s imperative to understand that what works in one room may not work in another.  Consider the function of the lighting and the statement you wish for it to make.  Utilizing multiple light sources installed at different levels is an easy trick to give a room character.  

Here’s our room-by-room guide for enhancing the light within your home.


Make your bathroom the best place to apply make-up with the correct lighting.  Light coming from multiple directions will illuminate your entire face and eliminate any shadows.  To achieve this, a light above the mirror and on both sides of the mirror (sconces are an easy way to do this.) 

If you have a larger bathroom, it’s also a good idea to have a light above or near the shower.  Oftentimes, bathrooms do not have outer facing walls which make them absent of natural light.  One way to work around this is to install a sun tunnel.  They are optically engineered to capture light through a high impact dome on the roof. The light rays travel through a highly reflective tunnel, transmitting a pure natural light with no color shift. The diffuser assembly at the ceiling distributes natural light evenly into the room while limiting bright spots and glare.

bathroom with lighting above sink

Dining Room

The focal point of this room is the table and because of this, you should select lighting that highlights it.  Drama can be added by installing a chandelier that hangs directly above the table.  Be mindful that the size and style of your fixture should not make it stand out from the rest of the room.

Chandeliers come in various styles; select a timeless look to extend its shelf life.  Be sure that your ceiling is high enough to accommodate a chandelier. Ideally, a chandelier’s bottom should hang about 30 inches above your table.  A dimmer switch is encouraged because it allows you to control the intensity of the lighting in the room.  Don’t limit yourself to just overhead sources, which can make the room feel less intimate.

 chandelier light above dining room table


Because sleep is the main purpose of this room, you should aim for lighting that creates a relaxing atmosphere.  Reading lamps and sconces are perfect for this room; just be sure to aim them away from the bed. 

The ideal height for the bottom of the lamp shade is 1.5 feet above the top of your mattress which will provide ample reading light.  Low watt bulbs (40-60) work best in your sleeping area; in your dressing area it’s okay to increase wattage.

bedroom with reading lamps


Kitchens need lighting that encompasses the entire room.  A common mistake is thinking that one light can illuminate the entire space.  If you’re determined on having a single fixture, try track lighting which can be angled in multiple directions to shed light on the areas you desire. 

Ideally, a kitchen should blend a few different types of lighting.  Some suggestions include: overhead lighting (complete with a dimmer that can be brightened when you are cooking), under cabinet lighting to illuminate work surfaces and lighting if you have a built in desk. 

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more natural light in your kitchen, it’s worth considering skylights.  They come in a variety of sizes including: square, triangle, oval, etc.  They are a great way to evenly distribute natural light, eliminate direct sunlight & hot spots and add aesthetic appeal to your home.

kitchen with multiple light fixtures

Living Room

Dimmers can work well in living rooms because the room often serves multiple purposes; there are times when full lighting is needed and others when limited lighting is better.  A table lamp sitting on an end table can be beneficial for those who use their living room for reading.  Just be sure to have the lamp close to a piece of furniture so it can be accessed easily.

Not a fan of end tables?  A floor lamp can easily work as a substitute.  The living room is a great place to have a piece of artwork displayed with a spotlight on it.

 living room with large window to enhance natural light

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