Nov 18, 2021

How Your Attic Impacts Your Home’s Air Quality

Few people associate their home’s air quality with their attic.  However, they should.  That’s because insulation works 24/7 to regulate a home’s temperature.  In fact, your home’s insulation should be thought of as a giant filter that is a major player in a home’s overall air quality.  Here’s what you need to know.

Critters Living in Your Attic Can Make You Sick: Many times, pests such as squirrels, insects, raccoons, bats, and mice can make their way into your attic through a home’s soffits.  While this is always a comprise to a home’s air quality, it’s even more problematic when the stack effect is present.  In the winter months, the stack effect will draw air from your attic to your basement. The opposite is true in the summer.  This additional air circulation promotes the inhalation of harmful chemicals that are found in animal fecal matter.  Particularly concerning is bat guano.  When the guano dries, it converts to a powdery substance.  If inhaled, it can lead to lung infections and even death.

bat droppings in attic
This attic inspection turned up a sizable amount of bat droppings.

Vermiculite Insulation: Vermiculite insulation can be recognized by its shimmering flakes.  At high temperatures, the flakes will expand. While not all vermiculite insulation is dangerous, a mine in Libby, Montana where much of the country’s vermiculite insulation came from, also contained deposits of asbestos.  When vermiculite insulation that contains asbestos is disturbed, the fibers within it become airborne.  When inhaled, the fibers can lead to cause lung cancer and mesothelioma.

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Attic Moisture Issues: Mold growth in your attic is often the result of a leaky roof or ice dams.  When insulation becomes wet, it is no longer able to keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Even more alarming is that mold can have a negative impact on a home’s air quality.  That’s because mold spores can float throughout your home.  When they are inhaled, they can cause respiratory infections, watery eyes, allergic reactions, and compromised immune systems.

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"It was great!"

David H.
Maple Grove, MN
July 29, 2021

"We are repeat Lindus customers. We've used them for insulation, LeafGuard®, new deck, sun tunnel install and windows. So far they've replaced 7 windows in our home. Our home is only 7 years old, but original windows were not great.  We are amazed at the difference our new windows have made. My office used to get incredibly hot in the afternoon, now it is almost too cool in there! Our only regret is not replacing all of our remaining windows at once (we will be doing the rest of them soon!). We highly recommend Lindus Construction. We are customers for life!"

Deb L.
Hudson, WI
July 24, 2021

"Thank you for the quick response to me on my first contact.  I had a good salesman with a good response to all my questions.  He kept me up to date on when work would be started.  All in all, it was a great experience working with you."

Sue H.
Plymouth, MN
July 23, 2021

"Eric came out last week and did an awesome job. He was so kind and patient with our lack of knowledge."

Jenny W.
St. Francis, MN
June 30, 2021

"It went well and this work achieved our goal of keeping the second floor close to the same temperature as the first in the summer."

Robert B.
Blaine, MN
June 28, 2021

"A Lindus rep came out to look at our roof because we had had a leak at some point last year. He went into the attic to see if he could find evidence of the roof leaking. He was able to tell us that it wasn't our roof but gave us some suggestions about where the water could be coming from (most likely condensation from exhaust pipe). I was impressed that he didn't try to sell us something that we didn't need and gave us suggestions about what we could try."

Shannon L.
Rogers, MN
March 22, 2021
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