Jan 30, 2019

How to Fix the Five Draftiest Areas of Your Home

From a comfort level, a drafty home can prove problematic.  However, from an energy efficiency standpoint, drafts are your home’s way of letting you know that something is amiss.  If you’re noticing drafts in your home, here are five likely culprits.

Windows: One of the most prominent causes of window drafts is seal failure.  When this happens, the gas insulating your window has escaped.  The end result is a need for window replacement because the energy efficient capabilities are no longer in place.  Another reason windows can feel drafty is because the window installer placed a window with a gap between the frame and rough opening.  Cracked caulk can also allow for air infiltration.  It’s wise to work with an experienced contractor to diagnose the issue and determine if window replacement is necessary.

Here’s How Builder Grade Windows Can Prove Problematic: 

Floors: Many times, homeowners complain of cold basement flooring.  The probable cause is lack of insulation or wet insulation underneath the flooring.  To circumvent this issue, the utilization of spray foam insulation can be used.  When applied to floor boards and rim joists, spray foam insulation acts as a vapor retarder. When compared to other types of insulation, spray has the best ability to halt air flow from transferring from your crawlspace to your floors.  It is the most proficient barrier to stop air leaks from permeating into your home, while standardizing temperature and energy efficiency.

Learn More About How a Blower Door Test Can Diagnose Your Home’s Energy Issues:

Attic: It’s important to note that insulation code is the minimum standard needed to comply.  It’s vital that roof penetrations such as attic fans and can lights are properly sealed off in order to prevent air infiltration.  Having a heat map analysis of your home will allow an experienced contractor to understand where your home is losing energy.  From there, they can provide a custom solution that addresses all areas of concern.

Electrical Outlets: Without proper insulation around electrical outlets, drafts can penetrate.  While it may seem like not much air, it can be substantial enough to raise your home’s utility bill by a noticeable amount.  This issue can be corrected with the addition of spray foam insulation.

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"We hired Lindus to replace several windows in our home with the SeasonGuard windows. By far we made the correct choice. Both of the windows face the north west and have really proven it was the correct choice. Even on several sub zero mornings the interior glass was still not cold. Additionally, their installation techniques will prove to keep out any infiltration or moisture or air leakage. They will definitely be replacing the rest of my windows and doors in the near future."

Robert A.
Somerset, WI
December 26, 2018

"This is a stellar company to work with for home improvements. They helped us with a new roof, attic insulation, LeafGuard® gutter system and new siding. They were communicative, professional and a pleasure to work with throughout.  I would definitely recommend this honorable and excellent company!"

Micki K.
Minnetonka, MN
December 9, 2018

"All the before, during, and follow-up were great and the windows look wonderful."

Dick C.
Mound, MN
October 1, 2018

"The workers were great, we're very happy with the results.  I want to mention our sales representative, Mitch. He was great: smart, professional, very thorough."

Denny H.
Minnetonka, MN
October 24, 2018

"We had 12 windows replaced in our home. We also had glass in a door and some rotted wood and fascia replaced. The windows come with a lifetime warranty and are super energy efficient. Everything went well from start to finish. The window installers were very experienced and knowledgeable.  We would definitely call Lindus Construction again. Our neighbors also commented on the quality of their work."

Tom K.
Eagan, MN
September 21, 2018

"They finished the job as promised."

Arlene H.
Maple Grove, MN
September 17, 2018
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