Jan 04, 2013

Why Hiring a Contractor in the Winter Could Save You Money

1. Decreased Time For An Estimate & Installation

During the summer, contractors are booked with home improvement projects, but during the winter months, contractor’s schedules are a lot less full due to the lack of exterior work. You will benefit from this because your wait time for an estimate and installation of your project will be pretty much non-existent.

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2. Availability of Your Contractor

Your contractor will have more time during the winter to work with you on your project plan and design. They will also have more time to go over small details that might not have been able to happen during the busy summer months.

3. Wintertime Home Improvement Incentives

Since most contractors are very slow in the winter months, you might be able to take advantage of a monthly incentive that would not be available in the spring or summer time because of an increased work load. If your contractor did not offer you an incentive during your estimate process, it does not hurt to ask if they are willing to give you a deal because of your wintertime project. If they are not in the position to give you an incentive, they may have financing options available.

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4. Avoiding Springtime Price Increases

Typically price increases in the remodeling industry happen in the springtime because that is when the manufacturers notify their buyers. Price increases on things such as lumber, windows and cabinets typically go up this time of year. Sometimes manufacturers will give special offers during the winter months to decrease their inventory on hand and in turn some contractors will be able to pass on these saving to you. Close-out specials on remodeling products are popular during the winter months too because it is considered the “off –season” for materials in areas that truly experience winter.

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5. Vacationing Down South? Have Your Project Done While You are Gone.

If you are lucky enough to leave the frozen tundra during the cold winter months for some place warmer such as Florida or Arizona, plan ahead of time and set up to have the work done while you are gone. You will be able to come back to the Midwest in the spring having all of the work you wanted done completed. Worried about having someone in your home while you are away? Have a family member check in on the project and inform your neighbors of what will be taking place while you are gone.

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"Installed gutters. Quick, professional, complete. Recommended."

Chris J.
Stillwater, MN
August 13, 2022

"Even with unexpected shipping delays with materials, Lindus Construction plowed through installing new windows, siding, gutters, soffits, facia AND fixed our patio covering as soon as possible, working outside in JANUARY during low, freezing temps. We had extreme drainage issues that they engineered to fix and they went the extra mile in so many ways. Professional, reliable and timely. They had the best variety of colors/materials over other companies we looked into. We're happy, glad we chose them, worth every penny."

Diana A.
New Richmond, WI
August 9, 2022

"They created a back door and stairs...5 stars!"

Heather R.
Minneapolis, MN
July 23, 2022

"They installed new LeafGuard® Gutters and soffit on my home. They were very knowledgeable and friendly through the entire process. They did great job. I would highly recommend them."

Kari O.
South St. Paul
June 25, 2022

"Great job installing new windows!"

Dick S.
Shoreview, MN
June 2, 2022

"The guys did a great job."

Don K.
Savage, MN
May 5, 2022
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