Nov 29, 2016

Five Considerations Before Installing Your Own Siding

There are two types of cooks in this world.  The first are those that follow recipes to a tee.  They carefully measure each ingredient and carefully time out each step.  On the opposite end of the spectrum is a cook that uses a recipe as starting point, but feels free to swap out ingredients and quantities on the fly.  While neither approach is wrong when you’re cooking, taking liberties with certain home improvements can be disastrous.  It can be tempting to tackle a siding project yourself.  However, before you do that, it’s worth taking a few minutes to fully comprehend what this type of project entails.  Allow us to enlighten you.

Time Commitment: Don’t count on completing your home’s siding job in a weekend.  Experienced professional siding installers can take more than a week to finish a project.  With that in mind, consider how much longer it will take someone who is undertaking this task for the first time.siding installation

Precision Counts: Meticulousness is crucial in all aspects of a siding project.  Precisely measuring your home is a must in order to ensure that the correct amount of siding is purchased.  As new rows of siding are installed, they must be checked with a level.  Failure to do this can result in an uneven look.  Special care must be taken to navigate corners and hide seams.

The Right Tools: The vast majority of homeowners already have basic items such as hammers, levels, and power saws.  However, the tools needed for siding are much more comprehensive and can easily add up if they are purchased specifically for this project.  Skimping on the quality of tools can also dramatically impact the end result of the project.  A siding project will also go much smoother with the use of scaffolding, another purchase you’ll need to make if you do not already own it.

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Room for Error: Reputable siding contractors are experts at navigating around areas of the home such as gutters, windows, doors, soffit, and fascia.  They are trained on how to address dry rot and properly install house wrap.  Even something as seemingly simple as caulk application requires practice.  Professional siding installers also understand that they need to adjust their process based on the material they’re applying.

Warranty Concerns: Siding manufacturers provide warranties in the event of product failure.  However, they become null and void when it is determined that the material was not installed to their specifications.  This is because incorrect installation speeds up a product’s lifespan.  Type of nails and fasteners are dictated by the manufacturer and need to be driven to the appropriate length and angle.  Manufacturers also dictate the clearance to the shingles and the grade.  Kick out flashing that curtails water from seeping into your walls must also be correctly installed.

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Siding Installation Reviews:

"Please extend my compliments to management regarding the excellent work done by your siding crew.  Not only was the work top notch, the two man crew was most gracious and friendly."

Bret E.
Osceola, WI
August 22, 2018

After the hail storm our home needed a new roof and all new siding, window trim...the whole nine yards.  From the salesperson to the crew that was doing the work, all were all wonderful. Answered every question, got the work done on time ( and looks great) cleaned up after every day and when the job was done you would never know that they were there.  I would highly recommend Lindus Construction! We were very pleased with everyone involved with the company that worked with us.

Jaide S.
Osceola, WI
July 30, 2018

"Thank you for your attention to detail, answering of my questions, and your patience.  Your professional manner is PERFECT.  It was nice to have met you."

Donna D.
Oakdale, MN
July 10, 2018

"You folks do great work!"

Dan O.
Blaine, MN
April 12, 2018

"Both guys were friendly and greeted myself and my wife if we were coming or going. They kept me posted of any issues and where they were with the job and when they would be finished. Too often in business we only hear about the bad employees and bad work.  Not with these guys. Can’t say enough about how great it was. Because of these two individuals I will DEFINITELY hire Lindus Construction again."

Brad E.
Inver Grove Heights
April 12, 2018

"This was a big job.  Once they started, it all moved very quickly. They had to do some extra work because of water damage discovered when they removed the old siding, but the charge for repairs was lower than expected."

Barbara K.
Columbia Heights, MN
April 2, 2018
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