Jan 13, 2018

Common Winter Problems with Minnesota Homes

Minnesota winters can be tough on homes. Learn what common problems we see and what you can do about them from our COO, Andy Lindus.

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 How Cold Weather Affects Your Roof

In the realm of home improvement, cold weather provides some interesting challenges.  Tackling home humidity often leaves homeowners puzzled with what the best approach is.  While it can seem like a wise idea, whole home humidity systems often create more problems than they solve because they frequently introduce too much humidity into your home.  Consequences of too much home humidity include attic mold, roof decking rotting out, and wet attics.  Know that proper levels of home humidity are dependent on what the current exterior temperature is.
Minnesota home with snow on the roof

One of the first calls came in from a homeowner named Dolly.  Her large living room window was only 4-years-old. However, she had begun to notice snow melting off the roof and was trickling in between the glass panes and she wanted to understand what the culprit was.

Unfortunately, when this happens, window seal failure is to blame.  When it’s a window this new, most major manufacturers have warranties in place to protect the homeowner and the installing contractor can work to ensure a swift window replacement occurs.

These Installation Techniques Can Prevent Premature Window Failure:

Window Condensation Problems

As a follow-up, another homeowner texted in indicating that their north facing windows get ice freeze-up on the glass inside the home.  Once it melts, the condensation spills over to the woodwork creating a mess.  They wanted feedback to understand what the culprit was.

Because north-facing windows lack solar heat gain, they have a cooler surface than south facing windows.  In this case condensation turns to frost and when it melts, it causes water to drain onto the wood of the windows.  While the issue could be the windows themselves, it could also be a cold surface meeting warm air issue.

Garage Temperatures

Next up, was Henry from Blaine.  When temperatures dip below zero in his 10-year-old-garage, he often finds condensation on the ceiling and he was curious to know if this occurrence was cause for concern.  When this happens, it’s due to warm air coming in contact with a cold surface.   In order to address this issue, insulation should be installed and attic air sealing should be examined.

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"These are excellent gutters. I have a lot of trees so in the late autumn and early winter I have to make sure that leaves haven't piled up at the downspout.  Walking around the house to be sure the leaves aren't piling up is nothing compared to cleaning entire gutters. I can look inside of them and see empty gutters--beautiful."

Jean H.
Arden Hills, MN
November 22, 2023

"I initially thought I needed more attic insulation, but after an inspection by Tyler Durand, it turned out we had enough insulation, but poor ventilation. I replaced clogged eve vents on the west side of my home, and when Randall Bowman installed 6-foot air vent shoots in the attic, he also replaced the eve vents on the east side and added an extra vent. Randall went above and beyond, and I'm grateful for his extra effort. This should help keep more snow on the roof this winter. Overall, I'm highly satisfied and would recommend Lindus to others."

Lyle D.
New Hope, MN
September 5, 2023

"Fourth project with Lindus. Brandon Larson analyzed issues that occurred last winter.  He came up with a plan to prevent them from happening again."

Jane S.
Solon Springs, WI
August 7, 2023

"Our house needed new gutters and a new roof. Jake Calleja from Lindus came to our home to evaluate what we needed. He was very professional and thorough. The crews that did the work were very professional and efficient.  This winter we were concerned about ice in our gutters. We called Jake at the start of a business day and by 10:00 there was a service person here to check it out.  We will definitely use Lindus and Jake for any future roof, siding or window needs."

Shannah P.
Bloomington, MN
May 25, 2023

I had major facia, soffit and gutter collapse due to severe ice dam problems this past winter on one side of my house.  Brandon got a crew out next day to shore-up the hole and to move forward with a repair. They ended up repairing the hole and improving overall ventilation by adding TruVent hidden vent soffits and LeafGuard® Gutters to the entire house! I The job was perfectly done by installers Brett and Josh.  Finally, I have peace of mind that everything is working again (way better than before) and don't mind when it pours anymore."

Mary B.
Burnsville, MN
May 17, 2023

"The crew did a great job replacing my LeafGuard® Gutters after hail damage, especially in this winter weather. Friendly and professional."

Linda N.
Northfield, MN
March 18, 2023
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