Aug 09, 2012

Choosing the Best Color for Your Asphalt Roof

Updating your roof is one of the most significant investments you can make as a homeowner.  It’s only natural to give as much consideration to the brand of shingle as you do to the style and color.  After all, your roof’s shelf life can be up to 50 years.  Taking this into consideration, it can be understandable why a homeowner might have anxiety about making this decision.  We’ve compiled s

1. This is not a decision that should be rushed; it’s okay to take some time to give it serious thought.  Consider if your color choice will be what you want years down the road.new roof

2. Talk with your estimator.  They’ve likely overseen hundreds of roofing jobs and can speak to which colors will best compliment your home’s structure and current siding.  It’s easier to change your roofing than you siding so be sure the shingle color you have chosen does not clash with the siding and trim.

3. Go over all of the options.  Use your home’s architecture as a guide for whether your new shingles should be a singular color or a blend of multiple colors.roof

4. A lot of roofing manufacturers have software that allows customers the ability to download a photo of their home or select a housing style and drop in different colored siding and roofing options.  In fact, we even offer a virtual remodeler tool to help homeowners narrow down choices.

5. Examine life-size samples of your top shingle choices.  Holding them up against your current shingles will allow you to see how much the new choices vary from what you currently have.

Here’s a small sampling of the exciting shingle colors offered by GAF roofing.

6. What do other homes in your neighborhood have?  It’s important to be sure that your selections compliment your neighborhood.  A choice that is not complimentary to neighboring homes may make selling your home more difficult down the road.

7. Evaluate your home’s style to decide what are appropriate colors and what are not.   For example, a Spanish style home is going to look out of place with blue shingles.  Home magazines can also be helpful in showcasing different styles of homes and the shingle colors that suit them the best.

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"I had Lindus install their LeafGuard® gutters almost 11 years ago and never a clog.  So when I needed a new roof, they were one of four estimates I got. They were not the cheapest by any means. But after talking with three other salesmen, who “assured” me there would be no damage to my gutters or property. Lindus was the only ones to actually take down the gutters to protect them, and they covered all the shrubs too. It’s like you always heard you get what you pay for! Their crew was very friendly and neat working. The roof and gutters look fantastic. I am glad I went with Lindus and would and have recommended them to others."

Brad N.
Bloomington, MN
August 5, 2018

"I would like to extend a sincere and superior compliment to the roofing crew that completed my project this past week.  The crew was polite, considerate, friendly and had a work ethic that is hard to come by. Cruz answered all of my questions and made sure that everything was finished to my satisfaction. The city inspector came today and commented on how the appearance of the how had changed drastically from the before to completion pictures and he also gave a very favorable recommendation to your company.

Margaret J.
Maplewood, MN
August 3, 2018


Merrie S.
St. Paul, MN
August 2, 2018

"I couldn't be more pleased with my new roof. I had used Lindus Construction for LeafGuard® gutters so hiring them for a new roof was an easy decision. First and foremost--they respond and follow through. They are professional and meticulous from the first meeting with a sales person to the cleanup after the roofing project. My project started on July 3rd and finished up on July 4th--no waiting until after the holiday! Great company and fantastic job."

Annette C.
River Falls, WI
August 1, 2018

"Crews were thorough, professional, and friendly. Customer was treated with respect and questions were answered."

Darlene A.
Anoka, MN
July 31, 2018

"After having LeafGuard® gutters installed by Lindus a few years ago we suffered hail damage in 2017 and went to Lindus not only for the gutter replacement but also for the re-roof. While re-roofing they identified and replaced several panels of plywood roof sheathing which over time had de-laminated. Beautiful job, thorough clean-up.  Since we went with LeafGuard®, we have not had any problems with leaves, pine needles and "helicopters" which previously filled and clogged our gutters."

Jerry H.
Stillwater, MN
December 8, 2018
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