Oct 22, 2018

A Behind the Scenes Look at Residential Metal Roofing Installation

We take pride in recruiting and hiring the home improvement industry’s best installers.  While many other contractors have employees that might be installing windows one day and gutters the next, our installers specialize in specific production departments at our company.  This allows them to have a deep understanding of the material they’re working with and affords us the ability to offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee.  In short, if any of the products we install ever fail prematurely due to an installation error, we’ll correct the situation free of charge.  This guarantee even extends to projects as substantial as residential metal roofing.  Ever wondered what goes into the installation of a metal roof?  Here’s what you need to know!metal roofing

Manufacturing Process: The metal roofs our company installs are comprised of custom-fabricated metal for the property in the exact measurements needed.  This approach eliminates problematic seams which can lead to roof leaks due to water infiltration caused by wind driven rain or snow.  24 gauge steel is utilized because of its thickness, ensuring a lifespan of 50 years.

Removal of Old Roof: While some municipalities allow a metal roof to be placed on top of asphalt shingles, we advise against this approach, as it adds unnecessary weight to the structure of your home.  The failure to remove preexisting shingles also forfeits the ability for your roofing contractor to inspect the roof deck of your home and replace any rotten boards.

This Cedar Shake Roof in Northern Wisconsin Was Transformed With Metal Roofing: 

Underlayment & Clips: After inspecting the roof deck to make sure it is free of rot, a combination of underlayment and ice and water shield are meticulously placed.  When used in tandem, these components ensure that if water were ever able to penetrate the roof, it would not cause leaking within the home.  Floating clips are screwed to the roof.  Their purpose is to prevent rippling in the roofing panels as they expand and contact in response to temperature changes.  The fasteners that keep the metal roofing in place are concealed in order to create a truly seamless design.

Roof Valley: On a roof, the valley area is one of the most vulnerable spots for leaks and preventative measures must be taken.  On each project, we install 4’x10’ sheets of steel on the roof valley.  This measure acts as a second line of defense.  Should water get behind the valley, it must still penetrate the piece of steel that was installed in addition to the metal roofing in that area.

Maintenance: Metal roofs are virtually maintenance-free, offering the ultimate peace of mind to homeowners.  By design, they shed snow and ice.  There is little worry of the algae growth that can occur on asphalt roofs.

Learn More About Our Residential Metal Roofing Installation Process: 

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Residential Metal Roofing Reviews:

"Very pleased with the finished product, easy to work with, and knowledgeable."

Bob L.
River Falls, WI
October 3, 2018

"Got my roof replaced in a timely manner and on schedule. Workers were very careful of my shrubs and cleaned up area every night. I get a lot of compliments for the great job they did."

Patsy L.
Lake Elmo, MN
August 15, 2018

"Lindus installed my metal roof a couple years ago.  They did an excellent job."

Phil O.
Oakdale, MN
July 29, 2018

"We are enjoying our Lindus metal roof. It is warmer, snow came off easy & it's very quiet. I recommend it."

Gary A.
Eagan, MN
March 19, 2018

"Very happy.  Lindus installed a metal roof a couple years ago, very satisfied.  Guaranteed for life, no more shingles on the lawn after a wind storm."  

Phil O.
Oakdale, MN
January 5, 2018

"I have had Lindus Construction install my doors and a metal roof. Love that they are local and stand by their work. Loved them so much I had them come back to do my LeafGuard® Gutters!"

Rhonda L.
Hudson, WI
August 11, 2017
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