Fast Facts About Winter Roof & Window Replacement

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Winter Home Humidity

A question we frequently encounter is, “What is the right amount of home humidity to have indoors during the winter months?”  Rather than an exact number, the answer is actually a range of humidity, primarily related to the exterior air temperature and variables within your home.  For example after showering, are you encountering significant fog on your mirror or moisture on your windows?  When there is steam present in a bathroom, cold surfaces show us how much humidity can be handled before the moisture converts from water vapor to a liquid state.  Excess moisture can be problematic on wood surfaces, such as window sills and flooring.

Here’s How Builder Grade Windows Can Spell Trouble:

In general, a house needs to tolerate as much humidity in the winter as possible before it creates a moisture problem for the window surfaces themselves.  The caliber of windows within a home and the quality of installation are key factors on how much humidity a home can accept.  At one time, a combination of single pane and storm windows were used.  This trend gave way to thermally sealed glass.  Nowadays, triple pane windows have picked up in popularity.  They have the ability to reduce condensation, allowing homeowners to cultivate a higher indoor relative humidity in the colder months.  Opening windows and running bath fans are the fastest ways to remove moisture from a home.  A humidistat is the best device for monitoring a home’s level of humidity.

Winter Roofing

Colder temperatures also leave homeowners questioning whether contractors have the ability to install a roof in the winter.  Technically, Minnesota roofing can be installed year round.  However best practice dictates that subzero temperatures be avoided if at all possible.  One of the biggest reasons is that asphalt shingles must be kept in a warm space in order to curtail cracking.  Adhesives need additional reinforcement.  Metal roofing can also be installed in the winter months, but fewer hours of daylight will extend the number of days needed to complete the project.  In addition, an abundance of snow can make it challenging to safely set up scaffolding.

These Installation Techniques Allow Lindus Construction to Offer a 50 Year Roof:

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Roofing & Window Replacement Reviews:

"I had Lindus put on a metal roof a couple years ago, so far I'm very satisfied. Sure beats shingles; I'm glad I did it.

Phil O.
Phil O.
November 9, 2018

"We had 12 windows replaced in our home. We also had glass in a door and some rotted wood and fascia replaced. The windows come with a lifetime warranty and are super energy efficient. Everything went well from start to finish. The window installers were very experienced and knowledgeable.  We would definitely call Lindus Construction again. Our neighbors also commented on the quality of their work."

Tom K.
Eagan, MN
September 21, 2018

"Perfect place to get your home improvement needs with the quality to last a lifetime."

David H.
St. Paul, MN
September 4, 2018

"It was great!  Jacob and James as a team were absolutely wonderful. We will request them for our next window installation. Very professional and friendly. Love the windows."

Mike B.
Chaska, MN
August 29, 2018

"Lindus did a good job of window replacement and gutter installation; on time and within budget. Even the city inspector said positive things about them."

Gus F.
Minneapolis, MN
August 14, 2018

"I had Lindus install their LeafGuard® gutters almost 11 years ago and never a clog.  So when I needed a new roof, they were one of four estimates I got. They were not the cheapest by any means. But after talking with three other salesmen, who “assured” me there would be no damage to my gutters or property. Lindus was the only ones to actually take down the gutters to protect them, and they covered all the shrubs too. It’s like you always heard you get what you pay for! Their crew was very friendly and neat working. The roof and gutters look fantastic. I am glad I went with Lindus and would and have recommended them to others."

Brad N.
Bloomington, MN
August 5, 2018

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