Oct 27, 2018

Storm Chasing Contractors vs. Reputable Contractors

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bad gutters
Builder grade gutters continuously clog.


While the ramifications of working with storm chasing contractors are not always immediately evident, they are often severe.  In most cases these contractors show up from other areas from the country promising fast and cheap storm damage restoration. Frequently, permits are not pulled, contractor’s license numbers are bogus, and work is left unfinished.  For us, there’s nothing more frustrating than hearing from homeowners that partnered with a storm chasing contractor that promised and charged them for LeafGuard® Brand Gutter installation only to have a builder grade product installed.  The sickening part is that by the time these situations are noticed, the contractor is several states away and impossible to reach.

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When it comes to home window replacement, we are able to offer several advantages over storm chasing contractors.  First, we have our own custom stain shop which ensures that new window trim is an exact match to the woodwork currently in your home.  We also offer financing and allow homeowners the ability to split up their project into multiple phases.  We work with the industry’s leading window manufacturers and utilize full-frame window replacement techniques.  Each window we install is custom made to the exact size of the rough opening, ensuring a perfect fit every time.  A reputable home improvement company will understand that is a project that includes both siding and windows, the window portion should be completed first.

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Insulation & Air Sealing

Another area where storm chasing contractors fall notoriously short is their ability to propose long-term solutions.  They are often quick to suggest temporary repairs that in the long-term can cause substantial damage to a home.  For example, repeatedly repairing wood siding due to pest infiltration or dry rot isn’t correcting the core issue and can leave a homeowner with pricy and avoidable repair bills down the road.  If you’re noticing air or water infiltration issues, seek out the services of a reputable professional that can utilize diagnostic tools such as blower door, borescope, moisture meters, and infrared imaging.

Partnering with an inexperienced insulation contractor can have frustrating consequences such as minimal results and wasted money.  Correct installation of insulation coupled with proper attic air sealing is a home improvement that offers a significant return on investment.  Not only is a home more energy efficient and comfortable, but heating and cooling costs become more affordable.

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"We were extremely pleased with the professional and quality service provided by Lindus Construction when they replaced our hail-damaged roof and gutters. We highly recommend them."

Vicki G.
New Richmond, Wi
August 31, 2018

"Had my roof (shingles, soffit, fascia, and gutters) replaced by Lindus two years ago and am very pleased with the quality of their work. When hail came through a year later I called and they came out and did an inspection to make sure everything was OK."

Clifford L.
Red Wing, MN
August 31, 2018

"We contacted Lindus and they sent their salesperson, Roger, right out to evaluate the job. They contacted our insurance company and the job was completed in no time at all. Great company to work with!

Vern C.
New Richmond, WI
July 30, 2018

After the hail storm our home needed a new roof and all new siding, window trim...the whole nine yards.  From the salesperson to the crew that was doing the work, all were all wonderful. Answered every question, got the work done on time ( and looks great) cleaned up after every day and when the job was done you would never know that they were there.  I would highly recommend Lindus Construction! We were very pleased with everyone involved with the company that worked with us.

Jaide S.
Osceola, WI
July 30, 2018

"Salesman Corey was our hero when we had to have our roof replaced due to storm damage. He took care of the entire process for us, and made sure we were happy with the end result.  When we decided to replace our siding, and add a porch, we knew we wanted to go with someone who we could trust and was professional, and Lindus Construction fit those requirements. This project gave our home an entirely new look.  They worked hard and kept it professional.  We will use Lindus again!"

Pat K.
Corcoran, MN
February 14, 2018

"Service Rep, Jason, was excellent. He worked with our insurance company to get the cost of replacement handled under our homeowners insurance. Installers were prompt, kept on task and cleaned up the work site - great job!!!"

Cheryl L.
Maple Grove, MN
February 12, 2018
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