Aug 31, 2019

What To Consider When Searching for a Storm Damage Contractor

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Summer storms an hail can wreak havoc on homes throughout the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin.  Navigating home insurance claims can be a tedious process, making it imperative that you take special care to partner with an insurance company that offers a policy that is reflective of your needs.  A good rule of thumb is that you can remember the jingle of the insurance company, you’re unlikely to enjoy their claims process.  Oftentimes an independent insurance agent is the best professional to work with because they can solicit multiple quotes to find the policy that’s going to be best for your needs.  Be sure you understand the ins and outs of your policy line by line so that in the event you do need to make a claim, you have a clear understanding of what is covered and what is not.  An advantage of working with a smaller insurance company is that they rarely have catastrophe teams and take a more personalized approach.

Why You Should Be Wary Of Storm Chasing Contractors

Working with a trusted, local storm damage contractor to restore your home is also a critical component in long-term job satisfaction.  Storm chasing contractors that just show up at your door promising a swift resolution often don’t finish the project.  In the event that they do, work is often subpar and needs attention within a few years.  However, it’s unlikely that a storm chasing contractor will return to your area to fix issues they created, such as roof leaks and dry rot.  These issues are not immediately detectable and can cost thousands of dollars to fix.  Sadly, even a sign from a local construction company in your yard to signal you’ve already chosen a contractor does not deter storm chasing contractors from attempting to solicit business.  They often utilize vague contingency contracts that homeowners sign without understanding that they are forced to work with the contractor in the event their insurance company deems there is damage.

storm damage

Do Your Research On Storm Damage Restoration Contractors

It’s worth taking the time to interview several storm damage contractors to ensure that you’ve got a good fit for your project.  Prior to partnering with a contractor, check out their online reviews on watchdog sites such as the Better Business Bureau.  It’s also wise to take a first-hand look at the storm repair contractor’s newly installed jobs, as well as those from a few years back to see how it stands the test of time.  Inspectors from the city you live in can also verify if they’ve encountered issues with the storm damage repair contractor you’re considering partnering with. While seasoned pros tend to have longer lead times, their craftsmanship and expertise are almost always worth the wait.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Restoring Your Home After a Storm:

Storm Repair Tips For Siding

Home siding often needs the attention of a storm damage repair company after hail has occurred.  A siding material that offers the ultimate peace of mind is LP® SmartSide® prefinished in Diamond Kote®.  In addition to aesthetics, Diamond Kote® also offers durability, particularly compared with other pre-finishing products which can scratch easily.  Diamond Kote® has a 35-year warranty, which also includes fading.

Bonus: Prepare Your Home Exterior For Winter

Many homeowners are already cringing at the threats of the upcoming winter being even more tumultuous than prior years.  Homeowners that have experienced ice dams or attic frost should connect with a reputable home improvement company now to have their attic’s insulation and ventilation evaluated.  Putting this off can risk the inability to render the services of an expert contractor, as they tend to book up quickly.  Be wary of any contractor that offers heat coils as a long-term solution, as they should be looked at only as temporary fix that creates a channel for water to exit the roof.

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Storm Damage Restoration & Repair Reviews:

"Just had two of your men come in and repair all of our damaged gutters from the hailstorm back in June. They were here right on time and finished everything into the early evening. What a great job. Thank you.

Craig G.
Hudson, WI
August 9, 2022

"They did a great job with our roof and working with our insurance company!"

Christina L.
Goodhue, MN
July 21, 2022

“We are very pleased with Lindus' work from start to finish. They did an energy audit, foam insulation of basement rim joists, removed and replaced damaged attic insulation with foam and cellulose, installed new attic access, replaced upper-level bathroom fan and exhaust to roof, removed and replaced soffit and fascia. We had storm damaged steel siding on front upper level of house. All of the siding on front upper level was replaced with LP® smart siding, all front windows were retrimmed. We believe they went above and beyond our expectations.”

David L.
Robbinsdale, MN
July 15, 2022

“Tyler and Chris did an excellent job replacing our hail damaged gutters.  I have been a repeat customer almost since the beginning of Lindus Construction.  We have always been very satisfied with the work we received from Lindus Construction.  Keep up the good work!”

Jay K.
River Falls, WI
July 14, 2022

"We recently had a hailstorm come through.  Fortunately, we purchased the best asphalt roof system back in 2016. Jake took the time to inspect our exterior including walking up on our roof. When he finished, he took additional time to review his findings. Fortunately because of the high end roof and underlayment material that we purchased, our roof survived and we do not need to replace it. Jake was extremely professional and very detailed and very friendly.  With staff like him, you will continue to have long established customers like us."

Rick & Bonnie B.
Hudson, Wi
June 16, 2022

Salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful with insurance due to hail damage. We had our previous LeafGuard® Gutters over 20 years. Replaced with new LeafGuard® Gutters due to the hail damage. Installation went great. Clean up was good. Highly recommend.

Beth J.
Minnetonka, MN
May 12, 2022
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