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Insultex™ House Wrap… The Future of Home Weatherization!

05 June 2014


Lindus Construction is proud to announce our partnership with Insultex™ House Wrap®.  We are now the exclusive distributor in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa & North Dakota. Our C.O. O. Andy Lindus believes that Insultex™ House Wrap® will allow us to continue revolutionizing our industry meeting the new standards for side wall laws.

What is Insultex™ House Wrap® and why is it different?

It is a weatherization membrane that provides a protective layer under your home’s outer covering that resists water and air infiltration preventing mildew and mold buildup that could cause rotting. What makes Insultex™ stand out from its competition is the fact that it offers an R-Value, the term used to measure thermal resistance, and is most commonly used when referring to the insulating qualities of your home thus increasing energy efficiency.

Insultex™ is a revolutionary structured cellular fabric that incorporates countless micro air cells that traps air and does not allow it to escape. Insultex™ is the newest thermal insulation on the market promising to revolutionize insulation as we know it from outerwear, tents, boots, sleeping bags, coolers and now house wrap, just to name a few.

Why your home needs Insultex™ House Wrap®!

Water Resistance– it protects again water intrusion that could get behind the exterior cladding which in turn can cause mold and rotting

Air Resistant – will increase comfort in your home by reducing drafts and increasing your energy efficiency

Durable – resists shredding even at high wind speeds in the harshest wind loads

Moisture Vapor Permeability – allows moisture to escape outside, preventing mildew and mold

Drainage – sheds bulk water with integrated drainage system

Tested – Insultex™ House Wrap® has been independently tested and meets all property performance requirements

The Company behind Insultex™ House Wrap®

Innovative Designs, Inc. manufactures the Insultex™ House Wrap, Arctic Armor® Line, hunting apparel, swimwear, wind shirts, jackets, and the multi-function “All in One” under the “i.d.i.gear” label featuring INSULTEX®. INSULTEX® is the thinnest, lightest and warmest insulator in the market today.