Nov 18, 2021

Common Siding Issues You Should Never Ignore

The siding on your home provides an important barrier against Mother Nature.  When it is not performing as it should, you risk higher energy bills, unflattering curb appeal, and interior water damage.  In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of common siding problems homeowners encounter.

Loud Siding & House Cracking Noises

It can be alarming to hear popping and creaking noises coming from a home’s siding.  If this is happening on a home with vinyl siding, it’s possible that siding was installed either too loosely or too tightly.  Siding needs room to expand and contract through the seasons due to the freeze/thaw cycle.  In the winter months, it can become brittle, which can lead to cracked boards.

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Bad Siding Job Or Improper Installation:

While there are many home improvement projects homeowners can easily tackle on their own, DIY siding installation isn’t recommended.  A botched siding installation can lead to dry rot and water infiltration.  Each siding manufacturer has precise specifications that must be followed to keep a warranty intact.  This makes it crucial that you properly screen a siding contractor to ensure they are reputable, experienced, licensed, and able to perform a solid siding installation.  Loose siding can warp, crack, or buckle.

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Animal Damage To Wooden Siding

Wood siding is vulnerable to damage by insects, squirrels, and woodpeckers.  Frustratingly enough, animal damage isn’t always immediately noticeable but can result in pricey damage.  Even more discouraging is that these types of incidents are not always covered by a homeowners insurance policy.  For these reasons, it’s wise to opt for maintenance-free option, like engineered wood siding, that is not able to be harmed by pests.

Faded Siding From Years Of Weather Exposure

Over time, siding can become faded from the sun’s UV rays, rain, and snow.  Faded siding takes away from a home’s curb appeal.  Vinyl siding is most likely to discolor over time.  The spots on a home that will lose their brightness first are those that come in the most contact with direct sunlight.  The lighter siding color is, the less noticeable fading will be.

failed siding

Mildew & Mold On Siding:

Mold and mildew growth is prevalent on shaded areas of a home’s siding.  If there is mildew or fungus growth on a home’s siding, it’s possible that precipitation has gotten stuck behind or within the siding.  This should be taken seriously as it can lead to mold and mildew growth within the house.  Mold can also occur when an abundance of dirt has built up on the siding.  Houses near trees that produce sap are also prone to mildew and fungus growth because the sap can provide nourishment for the fungus.

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House Siding Installation Reviews:

I was extremely pleased with the quality of work done by Lindus. They installed six large picture windows, replaced all my old siding with new LP® Smartside®, replaced the soffit and fascia, and installed their LeafGuard® Gutters. I highly recommend checking them out.  Their responsiveness, ability to make suggestions that met my needs, and professionalism were top notch. Pricewise, they were in the ballpark with competitors, maybe slightly more, but they're worth it." 

Ryan C.
Webster, WI
August 23, 2022

"Even with unexpected shipping delays with materials, Lindus Construction plowed through installing new windows, siding, gutters, soffits, facia AND fixed our patio covering as soon as possible, working outside in JANUARY during low, freezing temps. We had extreme drainage issues that they engineered to fix and they went the extra mile in so many ways. Professional, reliable and timely. They had the best variety of colors/materials over other companies we looked into. We're happy, glad we chose them, worth every penny."

Diana A.
New Richmond, WI
August 9, 2022

My wife and I concluded that we needed gutters, but our house is 40+ years old and it would be appropriate to replace our facia and soffits. Why not siding too? I contacted Lindus Construction and Matt came to our house and walked us through the process.  Thanks to the crews and we would recommend using Lindus Construction."

Stewart B.
Eagan, MN
July 12, 2022

"They installed new LeafGuard® Gutters and soffit on my home. They were very knowledgeable and friendly through the entire process. They did great job. I would highly recommend them."

Kari O.
South St. Paul
June 25, 2022

"Lindus did our home and cabin. Roof, siding, windows, gutters. Excellent job! Very pleased with everything! Thank you!"

Cheryl W.
Trego, WI
May 16, 2022

"The guys did a great job."

Don K.
Savage, MN
May 5, 2022
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