Nov 20, 2019

Thanksgiving Kitchen Tips & Tricks

This guest blog was written by Warners’ Stellian, a family-owned and operated appliance specialist with 10 great store locations in Minnesota (Twin Cities and Rochester) and one in West Des Moines, Iowa. For more than 65 years, Warners’ Stellian has provided an unmatched shopping experience with exceptional service.

From the turkey and trimmings to the apple pie à la mode, hosting Thanksgiving is no easy chore. Luckily, we know our way around a kitchen and have answered quite a few frantic appliance service calls leading up to the big day. To help, we compiled some of our best Thanksgiving tips and tricks to make the most of the holiday.

Check the Oven Temperature

Don’t overcook the pies or undercook the turkey. It’s important to know that when you set your oven to 350, it actually heats to 350. To check your oven temperature, you will need an oven thermometer (sold at most hardware stores). First, verify the thermometer’s accuracy by sticking it in boiling water for a minute. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit; note the difference if that’s not what the thermometer says.

Photo Courtesy of Frigidaire®

Then, place the thermometer in the oven, and set the temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. After 20 minutes, check the thermometer reading, taking into account any temperature variation from the boil test. If the reading is off, you’ll know for the big day.  Since that oven will be working overtime in the coming weeks, we recommend you complete this task as soon as possible.

Make Extra Ice

With several guests in the home, the ice reserve runs out faster than usual, and it’s hard for the ice maker to keep up. But you don’t need to run to the gas station for an extra bag. Instead, empty the ice maker bin into a plastic bag 24 hours before your guests arrive. Place in freezer, and turn the ice maker back on. Then you will have a full ice bin, plus a refill at the ready for your friends and family.

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Use Oven Light

Repeat after us: “I will not open my oven door to get a closer look at my food.” In just 30 second of a door being open, your oven temperature can drop by 150 degrees. Hello, inconsistently cooked food! Leave the door shut unless it’s crucial you open it. Many modern ovens comes with temperature probes, which allow you to keep an eye on the meat temperature right from your smart device.

Another pro tip: If you haven’t used the self-clean feature in months, don’t try it now.

Adjust Your Refrigerator Racks

Give your refrigerator a good cleaning before the big day. Throw out those empty condiment bottles and surprise leftovers. Then, adjust your shelves for optimal Thanksgiving storage. Make smaller shelves for deli and cheese platters and bigger ones for the sangria dispenser and bird.

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Keep Dishes Warm

The drawer under the oven filled to the brim with baking sheets may not be just for storage. Some range models include warming drawers, which work well to keep early bird guests’ dishes ready while you finish the main dish. You can also warm your plates by popping them in the oven at 150 degrees for 15 minutes.

No matter what happens in the kitchen, the true reason for the season is giving thanks with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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