Dec 31, 2020

Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Front Entry Door

Each year, the home improvement industry compiles a list of the projects that have the highest return on investment.  Consistently, front door replacement ranks among the top spots.  However, there are a number of mistakes a homeowner can make when taking on this type of project that can actually cause it to be less impactful to your home’s value than it should be.  Here are the biggest cardinal sins of entry door replacement.

Roofing Contractors Plymouth MN1. Making It a DIY Project

While there are many projects a homeowner can do themselves, front door replacement shouldn’t be one of them.  Incorrect installation techniques can lead to an unbalanced door that is susceptible to air and water infiltration.  Even worse, botching this installation can lead to a front door that’s easy to break into.  There’s also very little in the way of cost savings if a homeowner must purchase all of the tools necessary in order to execute the project.

2. Not Considering Energy Efficiency

Just like windows, the front door plays a significant role in the energy efficiency of a home.  A poorly manufactured door creates the opportunity for air infiltration to take place, causing your HVAC system to work harder than it should.  This, in turn, leads to higher utility bills.

provia fiberglass door interior3. Buying a Builder Grade Front Door

Not all front doors are created equally.  If you skimp on the quality of the door and opt for a builder grade door, you’ll pay a lower cost upfront, but the lifespan of the door will be shortened significantly.  This is because cheaply manufactured parts like hinges, door knobs, and screws will wear out faster.

4. Ignoring Security Concerns

Before committing to a new front door, take the time to research the robustness of the handles and deadbolts to avoid becoming and easy target for intruders.  Choose solid doors over those with hollow cores to ensure that the door cannot easily be kicked in.

Replacement Windows Edina MN

5. Failing to Contemplate Whether A Door Should Open Out Or In

Most of the time, exterior doors swing inward to allow for the opening of the door from the inside after substantial snowfalls.  However, in areas that experience hurricanes, outward swinging doors are picking up traction because they are not able to be blown in.

6. Disregarding Your Home’s Architectural Style

Savvy homeowners understand that it’s imperative that you match your front door choice with the architectural characteristics of your windows and the dimensions of your home.  Take care to select a door that adds to your home’s curb appeal, rather than detracts from it.  Websites like Houzz and Pinterest allow homeowners to get inspiration and see real- life examples of front door installations.

7. Not Carefully Considering Material Selection

Front doors are offered in an array of materials including steel, wood, and fiberglass.  Each comes with their own unique set of pros and cons related to beauty, longevity, price and durability.  Prior to making a commitment, take the time to research the benefits and drawbacks of each material so that your final selection is one you enjoy for years to come.

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November 3, 2023

"Lindus just completed another project for us. I highly recommend this company. From our salesperson to the installers we couldn’t be happier. Great communication and within our timeline. Thank you all."

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May 12, 2023

"My new ProVia® French entry door is wonderful! And, as usual, your work is above and beyond the normal - Chris and Gabe were excellent and so careful with installation and clean-up."

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May 5, 2023

"We had the Lindus guys out this past week to install our 2 new Provia outside storm doors. They arrived at the time that they said they would and did a great job with the door installation. We are a big fan of the Lindus company. We have used them for steel roofing installation, LP® SmartSide®, and composite deck installation. In every construction project, Lindus demonstrated excellent workmanship. We would strongly recommend this construction company for all of your home update projects."

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March 19, 2023
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