Dec 15, 2023

Grand Openings: Picking the Right Front Door for Your Home

It’s often been said that the first impression is the most important.  While this holds true in the game of life, this mindset also holds true when it comes to selecting the right front door for your home.  Everyone that enters your home does so through your front door, so it’s important to select one that reflects the style of your home’s exterior.  Equally as important as the appearance of the door is the material it is made from.  At a loss of where to start?  Below, we’ll give you the skinny on what’s available in today’s marketplace in terms of materials.

Wood Entry Doors

A Word About Wood: Wood doors convey a sense of timelessness and are an optimum choice for historical homes.

Pros of Wood Doors:

If you desire lots of elegant details, a wood front door is for you; it’s the easiest of the 3 materials to embellish.  An advantage to wood doors is that you can select a custom combination of wood type, stain and decorative glass.  Because wood doors are heavier than other types, they offer a sense of security.

Cons of Wood Doors:

Wooden doors need to be refinished or repaired intermittently and the damper the climate you live in, the more often this is necessary.  Wood doors can also warp if they are overexposed to moisture and warping can, in turn, cause seal failure.  Wood doors must be painted or stained on all 6 sides.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

A Word About Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors come in an array of sizes and characteristics and their sturdiness offers security.

Fiberglass door with glass insert installed on a home

Pros of Fiberglass Doors:

Fiberglass doors can imitate the look of wood doors while offering additional insulation that comes from an insulated core and weather-stripping.  They can emulate the look of wood and can be painted or stained to match your home’s exterior.  They are incredibly low maintenance and won’t rust, rot or deteriorate; this makes them an excellent choice for extreme climates.

Cons of Fiberglass Doors:

A fiberglass door of superior quality is a sound investment.  Beware of going with a lower-end model that can crack, shortening the door’s lifespan.

Steel Entry Doors

A Word About Steel:

Steel doors are a steel exterior with polyurethane or polystyrene core since a door made of solid steel would likely tear out the hinges.  In addition, a door composed of metal only would be a strong conductor of cold & heat and wouldn’t function well.

Entry door installed on a home by Lindus Construction

Pros of Steel Doors:

Of the three door types, steel doors offer the highest level of security.  They are resistant to fire, cracking and warping.  They are the most cost efficient and are filled with foam for added insulation.

Cons of Steel Doors:

Steel doors can dent & chip.  If they are scratched, they begin to rust.  Imperfections cannot be sanded or filled with wood putty.

Include a Steel Entry Door in Your Next Home Renovation:

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