Nov 19, 2022

Radon Answers For Your Home

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What Are Acceptable Radon Levels At Home?

Radon is a radioactive gas. This means that there are no levels of exposure that are 100% safe.  The EPA recommends radon mitigation when levels reach over four picoCuries per liter.


What Season Is Radon The Worst?

A home’s average radon levels tend to spike in the winter months.  This is because the radon is not able to exit the home.

The air stack effect is also more prevalent in the winter months.  The pressure difference due to the stack effect pulls air from your attic to your basement in the winter.  The more the basement stack effect occurs, the higher the radon levels are.

winter house

Can Radon Harm You?

Radon is something you can’t see, smell or taste.  But it can have catastrophic health consequences.  The EPA estimates that radon is the top cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.  This makes it important to conduct radon testing in homes.

Different Types of Radon Testing

Homeowners that do not know their home’s radon levels should consider testing.  Here are popular radon gas testing methods.

Professional Radon Testing

Homeowners needing quick radon testing should hire a professional.  Their results are accurate due to annual testing.  They can also answer your radon mitigation questions.

radon testing

Home Radon Testing

Radon testing guidelines state that air conditioners should remain off. Opening windows and doors should only happen when necessary. There are even stipulations about where the location of the test. Failure to adhere to these directions can skew results. It can take several weeks to get the results of the radon testing home inspection.

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