Jan 29, 2022

Fast Facts About Insulation, Siding & Roofing For Your Next Home Improvement Project

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Home Insulation Considerations To Keep In Mind

With home energy prices quickly on the rise, upgrades to a home’s insulation can pay off.  It’s a sign if the insulation contractor you’re working with is using diagnostic tools, such as smoke sticks and blower doors, to determine where air leakages are happening.  While a home’s attic is a great place to start, it’s also wise to have your contractor inspect your home’s crawlspace to see if the insulation can be improved upon.  It’s wise to carefully vet potential insulation contractors and read their online reviews.  If spray foam insulation is applied in an incorrect amount or unevenly, the optimum energy efficiency cannot be achieved.  That’s because voids can be created that lead to moisture pockets and attic mold.

spray foam insulation

Maintenance-Free House Siding

While cedar shake house siding can up curb appeal, it is important to know that it is prone to water damage and rotting.  A maintenance-free house siding material that wins high marks with homeowners is LP® SmartSide®.  A big reason for this is the material’s close resemblance to wood.  In addition, it’s manufactured to hold up against consistent exposure to rain and snow, making it maintenance-free.

LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding

Roofing and Home Ventilation Systems

One of the biggest factors homeowners should consider when installing new roofing is the warranty.  GAF asphalt shingles installed by Lindus Construction are accompanied with a 50-year warranty that covers both labor and materials.  This warranty transfers to the next owner of a home, should the current owner decide to sell it.  This is even greater than steel roofing which typically has a maximum warranty of 50 years on the paint finish.

A critical component of each roofing project is the venting system that is used.  When possible, ridge vents should be used over box vents.  That’s because ridge vents are located at the highest part of the roof.  Their primary purpose is to provide an exit point for rising hot air to be released from a home’s attic.  In the winter months, the goal should be to have the attic’s temperature the same as that of the outdoors.  This greatly reduces the probability that ice dams will form on a roof.  It’s important to know that installing a ridge vent on a hip roof can be difficult because the amount of ridge available isn’t enough to get the proper amount of venting.  In this situation, a box vent is often used instead.

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