Oct 14, 2022

Find A Roofing Contractor to Help with Your Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claim

After your insurance company verifies that a hail roof insurance claim is needed, homeowners should begin the process of selecting a reputable roofer to complete their storm damage repair.  It’s wise to seek out roofing contractors that can advise on the do’s and don’ts of a hail damage roof insurance claim over contractors with little experience in this type of roof replacement.   Here’s what to look for.

It’s In Your Best Interests To Partner With Local Roofing Companies

Roofing contractors in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin often have the expertise to know the difference between hail damage to asphalt shingles and an old roof installation that has reached the end of its lifespan.  Reputable, local roof installation companies are also able to inspect both asphalt and metal roofs for damage.  They often can determine whether a metal roof installation has enough hail to warrant an insurance claim or if the sun’s rays will pop out the minimal dents over time.

Contactors local to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Western Wisconsin should be trusted over out of area roofing contractors that may not be well-versed in local code.  In addition, out of area contractors scam homeowners going through hail damage insurance claims.  These roofing installation contractors often utilize vague contingency contracts and fail to fully complete the roof replacement as promised.  Local companies that offer roofing services tend to offer longer warranties on their roof shingles and offer installations that stand the test of time.

Roofer Installing Shingles on a Home

It’s Important To Hire A Licensed, Bonded, And Insured Roofing Contractor

Unlicensed roofing companies have not gone through the proper channels to ensure that they can offer a legal and code compliant roofing installation.  For this reason, they are unable to be insured as a roofer.  Because they do not carry the proper levels of insurance, they can often offer to repair hail damage to asphalt shingles at an unbelievably low price.  However, this type of roofer cannot be trusted.  Even more frustrating is that if their employees damage a homeowner’s property during their project, the homeowner can be financially liable.

roof installation

Don’t Forget To Look At Online Reviews

One of the most important facts to know about storm damage restoration is that online reviews can often tell the story of whether a company is reputable.  While it can take additional time to research potential partners, it often saves stress down the road.  Friends and family members that can provide first-hand accounts of how a company handled their hail damage to asphalt shingles can also be extremely helpful.

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We Can Assist With Hail Damage Insurance Claims

For over 40 years, Lindus Construction has been assisting homeowners in Western Wisconsin, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond with roof replacement due to storm damage.  The below infographic gives further details on how to ensure you’re partnering with a local and reputable contractor that can restore your home to better than its original condition.  Contact us for a complimentary storm damage estimate.


The Do's Don'ts Of Storm Damage Restoration

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Our Roof Replacement Reviews:

"My wife and I are so thrilled about the new roof shingles you installed on our home. They are absolutely gorgeous and could not possibly look any more amazing than they are.  The LeafGuard® team also did an outstandingly professional job installing the gutter system and had a couple of recommendations on a gutter and downspout placement that really functions well AND makes the house look astounding."

Joseph R.
Minneapolis, MN
June 27, 2022

"Quality work. Great clean up. Constant updates on progress. Responsive to questions. Great experience from beginning to end."

Andy N.
Oakdale, MN
June 24, 2022

"Everything was great."

David B.
Turtle Lake, WI
June 18, 2022

"Lindus Construction replaced the roof on our garage. Lindus used quality roof underlayment and shingles. Lindus also installed LeafGuard® Gutters. The roof is a work of art! Impressive workmanship. We sleep better each night knowing the roof has been given exquisite attention."

Michele E.
Mendota Heights, MN
May 19, 2022

"Everything was awesome.  The city building inspector who stopped by the other day, was happy to see the  Lindus roofing sign in my front yard. He had nothing but outstanding comments about Lindus, and has never had an issue with your work."

Pam B.
Vadnais Heights, MN
May 7, 2022

"The roof looks beautiful!! The framing and the tiles are great and the gable vents look great too. I also *really* appreciate the clean up your folks did. Not all roofers are as tidy and this was VERY much appreciated."

Becca N.
Minneapolis, MN
May 3, 2022
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