Sep 17, 2020

E13: Cory Doesn’t Get The Fall

Cory Hepola has a house and figures he should probably do something to it before it’s officially fall and it starts getting cooler. But, what exactly? Andy Lindus helps Cory get his home ready for fall, while also detailing signals your windows may be failing.


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"Have used the company for both windows and LeafGuard® projects, Great products, sales staff and installers. Highly recommend."

Dennis F.
Eden Prairie, MN
September 11, 2020

"I had your windows installed in our home last week and they are great. Chris Meyers did a excellent job. He cares about the customers and his work. I told a few people about Lindus and highly recommend their windows and said ask to have Chris Meyers to install them. Nice product, Lindus.  The city inspector was impressed with the quality work and cleanliness by Lindus and gave Lindus more respect than any other company."

Daniel N.
Coon Rapids, MN
August 27, 2020

"Good ordering process, good quality product. Had six windows installed last year by Lindus and decided to have them come and install the rest of the windows. Even with social distancing, they were able to complete work in no time. Workers and sales were always courteous  and friendly."  

Dennis A.
Hugo, MN
July 30, 2020

"Chris and crew were fantastic. I would highly recommend them. I like my windows."

Susan N.
Baldwin, WI
July 12, 2020

"The workers at my home were respectful and professional for our egress window install! Would use their services again!"

Danielle H.
Hammond, WI
May 22, 2020
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