Mar 05, 2024

A Guide To Common Door Terminology

We’re often met with blank stares when we ask homeowners about the style of door they’re contemplating installing within their home.  However, this decision should not be taken lightly, as the style of the door is a significant player in the overall vibe of your space.  Here’s what you need to know about common entry door features.

Door Jargon Simplified


A transom’s distinguishing feature is its placement directly above the door.  Their main functional purpose is to introduce additional natural light to your entryway.  Transoms are offered in rectangular and oblong configurations.  Many times, homeowners opt for decorative glass and grille styles in order to add character and style.

Marvin French Door installed on Twin Cities home

French Doors

A set of French doors provide an elegant, sizable door opening with a traditional feel.  Frequently, they are manufactured with glass panels.  They are most commonly installed as patio doors but can also be used in the home’s interior to promote a regal passageway in between rooms.

Split Door

While not a widely popular option, split doors add flair to a home’s entry.  They’re lauded for their security because they provide homeowners with the option to only open the upper portion of the door while allowing the lower portion to remain secured.  Homeowners also appreciate that split doors can allow fresh air to enter through the top open portion while being secure enough to prevent pets and young children from accidentally wandering off.  Lastly, split doors make accepting deliveries and welcoming trick-or-treaters is a breeze.


Sidelites are slender, vertical, inoperable windows that are placed adjacent to an entry door.  When they are incorporated into home design, they provide broadened views, enhanced curb appeal, and additional sunlight.

provia fiberglass front door installed by Lindus Construction


This time-honored style normally has three to four horizontal rails and three vertical stiles.  The areas in between are filled with skinnier panels.  Ornamental molding envelopes each panel.  This creates an aesthetic that can be utilized in both traditional and modern homes.

Sliding Patio Doors

This door style is comprised of sizable glass panes ensconced in wood, vinyl, or metal frames.  They are an optimum choice for providing expanded views of your outdoor living space.  A perk of this style is that they do not hog floor space when opened, a complaint with those that have French doors.  However, a downside is that they only have the ability to open half as wide as the doorway.

Watch Our Craftsmen Install a Patio Door: 

Pocket Doors

When space is of concern, pocket doors can be the ideal solution.  Rather than swinging in or out, they are ensconced within the wall cavity when not in use.  It’s worth noting that care should be taken to place pocket doors in areas that are absent of electrical or plumbing lines.

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"Over the past 18 years and 4 separate major home improvement projects, Lindus Construction has exceeded every one of our family’s expectations on each of these projects. Whenever anyone invests in home improvement, the homeowner’s concerns ultimately center on several critical factors: the ultimate quality of the final product, ease of working with the firm, honest communication and relationships, craftsmanship of the employees, timeliness, service after the sale, and of course, a manageable investment cost. We are proud to say that the Lindus team has been an outstanding partner in improving our house’s function, appearance, and market value."

Jim G.
Chanhassen, MN
February 8, 2024

"It was an all day job that was done to perfection. My new exterior door is beautiful and the storm door is top-notch. The job turned out better than I imagined. Wow! The workers were courteous, cleaned up well, and ensured I knew the mechanics of my new doors. Would highly recommend Lindus to anyone."

Debbie L.
St. Paul, MN
January 4, 2024

"Crew was the best! Big thanks to Jake."

Crystal G.
New Richmond, WI
January 2, 2024

"We had sliding glass doors replaced and window removal work done.  The two crews were personable, knowledgeable, efficient and worked really well together - all done in one day. It has left us ready to tackle another project with Lindus in the spring."

Allen & Monica B.
North Oaks, MN
November 3, 2023

"Lindus just completed another project for us. I highly recommend this company. From our salesperson to the installers we couldn’t be happier. Great communication and within our timeline. Thank you all."

Bill P.
Amery, WI
October 16, 2023

"Five-star experience for our windows, door and gutter project!"

Allison S.
Falcon Heights, MN
August 9, 2023
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