Aug 11, 2018

Moving vs. Renovating

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement questions answered by calling 651-989-9226 or texting 81807.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 8.11.18.

Many times when homeowners reach out to us for a free estimate, they want to understand whether aspects of their home that aren’t performing as they should are able to be repaired or if replacement is needed.  If you’re noticing that your patio door hasn’t been replaced in recent memory and you’re noticing air infiltration and warping, the best course of action is replacement.  The patio door brands that our clients gravitate to the most frequently are SeasonGuard and Infinity® from Marvin.  SeasonGuard patio doors are vinyl and exclusive to Lindus Construction.  We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee, glass breakage warranty, and a guarantee on all moving parts.  It’s accompanied with one of the market’s leading air infiltration ratings.  Infinity® from Marvin patio doors win high marks with our employees because of how easy they are to install.  They’re energy efficient and are manufactured specifically for the extreme temperature fluctuations commonplace in our area.

Watch our Team Install a Twin Cities Patio Door:

When interviewing house siding contractors, it’s important to ask and factor in the type of underlayment being used for the project.  We’ve had great success utilizing Insultex™ house wrap.  It has a built-in channel that’s designed to drain water or moisture away from the home.  Unlike other house wraps, Insultex™ has an R-value which is beneficial in creating a more energy efficient home.  This, in tandem with air sealing, can create noticeable energy bill savings.

One of the show’s compelling questions came from Cheryl in the desirable Longfellow neighborhood in South Minneapolis.  She and her husband love their home’s location, but have a list of custom home renovations, including windows and kitchen updates they’d like done to turn their home into their dream home.  Being near retirement age, she wanted input as to whether it made sense to invest in their home or put it on the market and buy a different property that had the features they wanted.  Cheryl was advised that the biggest factors she should take into consideration prior to proceeding with a Minnesota remodeling project was if she liked her neighborhood and how long she planned to stay in her home.  With real estate trending the way it is, investing money into a home in an area she loved, would ultimately create more substantial equity if moving was not in the immediate future.  Resources that homeowners can turn to for information on reputable contractors include NARI, the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, and Angie’s List.  Once you’ve got your list narrowed down, be sure to ask your contractor thorough questions and be sure to pose the same to their references.siding install

Another home renovation that can have significant impact on resale value is the choice of house siding material.  Two of the most popular maintenance-free options in the marketplace are seamless steel and LP® SmartSide®.  Both are lauded for their longevity and stability.  One area where LP® SmartSide® outranks seamless steel siding is aesthetics because of its close imitation of the look of cedar siding.  Homeowners can also become annoyed by the popping noises that seamless steel siding makes as it expands and contracts throughout the seasons.  However, seamless steel siding can be acquired at a slightly lower cost. While seamless steel siding is extremely durable, it can be dented easier than LP® SmartSide®.

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"Please extend my compliments to management regarding the excellent work done by your siding crew.  Not only was the work top notch, the two man crew was most gracious and friendly."

Bret E.
Osceola, WI
August 22, 2018

After the hail storm our home needed a new roof and all new siding, window trim...the whole nine yards.  From the salesperson to the crew that was doing the work, all were all wonderful. Answered every question, got the work done on time ( and looks great) cleaned up after every day and when the job was done you would never know that they were there.  I would highly recommend Lindus Construction! We were very pleased with everyone involved with the company that worked with us.

Jaide S.
Osceola, WI
July 30, 2018

"Thank you for your attention to detail, answering of my questions, and your patience.  Your professional manner is PERFECT.  It was nice to have met you."

Donna D.
Oakdale, MN
July 10, 2018

"Both guys were friendly and greeted myself and my wife if we were coming or going. They kept me posted of any issues and where they were with the job and when they would be finished. Too often in business we only hear about the bad employees and bad work.  Not with these guys. Can’t say enough about how great it was. Because of these two individuals I will DEFINITELY hire Lindus Construction again."

Brad E.
Inver Grove Heights
April 12, 2018

"You folks do great work!"

Dan O.
Blaine, MN
April 12, 2018

"This was a big job.  Once they started, it all moved very quickly. They had to do some extra work because of water damage discovered when they removed the old siding, but the charge for repairs was lower than expected."

Barbara K.
Columbia Heights, MN
April 2, 2018
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