Dec 01, 2018

Your Frequently Asked Siding Installation Questions Answered

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement questions answered by calling 651-989-9226 or texting 81807.  Here’s the must-know information our Vice President of Sales, Alex Lindus, shared on 12.1.18.

 Many homeowners are surprised to learn that Twin Cities house siding contractors have the ability to work year-round.  Fewer hours of daylight, combined with icy conditions can make the process take longer than it would in the summer months.  However, the siding installation process itself remains largely the same.  After tear-off of the old siding has taken place, the home’s plywood can be inspected for dry rot.  Dry rot is prevalent in homes last sided before underlayment was part of construction code because moisture became trapped in the building cavity without a way to exit.  In extreme cases, not only must the plywood be replaced, but studs, walls, and window framing as well.  HOVER 3D imaging has made the selection of house siding colors less challenging, offering peace of mind to homeowners.  This technology allows homeowners to see how various siding colors look on their home to determine which has the most curb appeal.

See  How Our Team Prepares for Each Siding Installation: 

Regardless of the material you use, siding installation cost is a significant investment.  This makes it wise to educate yourself prior to committing to a material or contractor.  Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about siding for your home.

Does siding installation increase home value? Industry data suggests that nearly 78% of the costs of a mid-range siding replacement are recouped.  In addition, siding is one of the first aspects of the home a perspective homebuyer will see and a significant component of the initial appeal of a home.

What’s the best type of siding in terms of durability and affordability? LP® SmartSide® offers exceptional protection against moisture and impact resistance.  It is accompanied with industry-leading warranties, is offered in custom colors, and is faster to install than fiber cement.  While it may cost more upfront than builder grade products, its beauty and lifespan make it a worthwhile investment.

Are there other measures to update siding without a full replacement?  Absolutely; many homeowners choose to update the front of their home only in order to accentuate unique architectural details.

Here’s a Side-by-Side Look at a Twin Cities Home Where Our Team Only Updated the Front:

How can siding affect my home sale? Siding in need of replacement or repair can be a deterrent for potential homebuyers because of the costs associated with doing so.  Newly installed siding that will require regular upkeep also may have perspective homebuyers thinking twice.

What are the pros & cons of popular siding materials?

Vinyl: Vinyl siding cost is minimal.  As a general rule, it has a lower lifespan than steel or LP® SmartSide®.

Steel Siding: This material is resistant to moisture and is lauded for its durability.  Metal siding has one of the longest lifespans of siding found in the marketplace.  Some HOAs restrict its use and some homeowners shy away from it due to price concerns.

Here’s a Behind the Scenes Look at a Twin Cities Steel Siding Installation Project: 

Fiber Cement: This product is attractive and insect-proof if installed correctly.  Fiber cement can hold moisture.  It also requires special tools to install and silica plumes are released when cut, requiring installers to wear respirators.

Wood: While wood provides a rustic look, it is extremely high maintenance, as it must be repeatedly painted or stained.  It is prone to damage from wood peckers, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles.

What is the average ROI on new siding when you sell your house? Factors that play heavily into this are the real estate market the home is in and the type of siding used.  Current home buyers want maintenance-free, long-lasting options and are willing to pay a premium for this.

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Siding Installation Reviews:

"The Lindus team was responsive and performed all services with excellence. We are very happy with the results. There was some rot found and we needed extra OSB and a window replaced. We were happy with the results."

Marylee D.
Lino Lakes, MN
October 19, 2018

"Lindus made the siding and stone project very easy, from bid to completion. Communication was better than most contractors I have dealt with over the last 40 years of home ownership. The crews were courteous, cleaned up after each day, and kept us posted on the progress. I would certainly use Lindus again for another project. Best of all, the house looks great!!

Earl G.
Minnetrista, MN
October 17, 2018

After the hail storm our home needed a new roof and all new siding, window trim...the whole nine yards.  From the salesperson to the crew that was doing the work, all were all wonderful. Answered every question, got the work done on time ( and looks great) cleaned up after every day and when the job was done you would never know that they were there.  I would highly recommend Lindus Construction! We were very pleased with everyone involved with the company that worked with us.

Jaide S.
Osceola, WI
July 30, 2018

"Thank you for your attention to detail, answering of my questions, and your patience.  Your professional manner is PERFECT.  It was nice to have met you."

Donna D.
Oakdale, MN
July 10, 2018

"You folks do great work!"

Dan O.
Blaine, MN
April 12, 2018

"Both guys were friendly and greeted myself and my wife if we were coming or going. They kept me posted of any issues and where they were with the job and when they would be finished. Too often in business we only hear about the bad employees and bad work.  Not with these guys. Can’t say enough about how great it was. Because of these two individuals I will DEFINITELY hire Lindus Construction again."

Brad E.
Inver Grove Heights
April 12, 2018
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