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Insulation Services to Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Long

Do freezing outdoor temperatures require you to bundle up inside your home? Does the summertime heat follow you indoors, even after you turn on your AC system? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then it might be time for an insulation update in your home. Thankfully, our insulation contractors can help by installing insulation in your Roseville, MN home.  Rest assured, our insulation services will provide superior protection for your unique home for years to come.



Get The Best Insulation Installation For Your Situation

Once we understand your situation, we’ll recommend an insulation solution that best meets your needs. Our team receives special installation training for a variety of insulation types, including:

  • Fiberglass – Made of fine, spun-glass fibers woven into thick rolls, this insulation fits snugly into the space between studs and joists and keeps outside air from entering your home.
  • Spray foam – This combination of resins and chemicals expands to completely fill the available area and form an air-tight seal. Because of this, spray foam insulation provides better protection to uniquely shaped areas of the home.
  • Blown-in cellulose – Made from recycled paper treated to resist insects, water, and fire, this insulation settles into hard-to-access areas like floors or ceilings to provide reliable protection against thermal transfer.

You don’t need to suffer inside an uncomfortable house. Contact us today to learn more about the insulation that we install for homeowners in Roseville, MN.

Home Insulation Services Tailored to Your Problems

Our insulation installers serving Roseville, Minnesota residents are committed to providing our customers with first-time quality—ensuring that every insulation installation project that we perform is done right the first time. In order to guarantee that your new insulation will keep indoor temperatures manageable, we first evaluate your current home performance and identify areas of inefficiency. Our blower door test helps us identify unsealed cracks that allow uncomfortable drafts to flow through your home, while our infrared imaging test will locate areas where poor insulation affects temperatures.




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What Roseville, MN Residents Say About Our Home Insulation Installers:

"We appreciate the response to our request and admire the sense of customer service Lindus has shown."

Tom G.
Roseville, MN
November 29, 2022

"I want to thank you and your team for everything.  Everyone was so thoughtful, kind, and courteous."

Connie T.
Roseville, MN
November 14, 2022

"I want to thank you very much.  Jason & Joe have been phenomenal and extremely helpful. They answered all my questions.  Jason and Joe work very well together; you have a great team there."

Mary Jo G.
Roseville, MN
August 26, 2022

"Everything went fine.  The crew was great."

Robin F.
Roseville, MN
August 15, 2021

"Nice work to the crew!!!"

Ross W.
Roseville, MN
June 28, 2021

“We love the finished product.  The administrative staff were very friendly and the ease of payment was very convenient. Thank you to all."

Ann J.
Roseville, MN
January 24, 2021

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