Meet Our “No Roof Left Behind” Winner…Sarah Pommerening

It’s been said that almost every successful person gets there by believing their future can be better than the present and that they have the ability within themselves to make it happen.  Maintaining positivity through tumultuous times can seem impossible, but it can be done.  A shining example of this ideology is Sarah Pommerening, the winner of Lindus Construction’s 2017 “No Roof Left Behind” campaign.

This spring, we asked the community for nominations of families in need of a roof that were unable to acquire one on their own.  We were particularly moved when the following message arrived in our inbox:

Sarah and her daughter, Christine.

“My name is Sarah and I moved into my house in 2006 with my daughter. As a single mom, in 2009, I lost my job of almost 13 years. I worked hard to keep my house and tried to find a job only to get sick and end up in the hospital with a very rare lung condition in 2010. I am on oxygen 24/7. I have been working part-time and my daughter just graduated from high school. She will be heading to cosmetology school in the fall. I do not have a lot of money and my friends will tell you that I do not ask for a lot of things or help. I try to volunteer and help others as much as I can, as I feel there is someone who could use it more than I need it. I have passion for volunteering and try to give back to my community and area community whenever I can!!  My roof has shingles that are disintegrating. If we have a bad storm my roof is not going to last much longer and it will probably start leaking. Some of the shingles have come off the roof. I was told by a roofing company that my roof needs to be replaced badly.

failing roof
Here’s the picture of Sarah’s roof that accompanied her nomination.

The photos that accompanied the email showed the condition of the roof; it was truly one of the roughest we’d ever witnessed.  The granules on the shingles had deteriorated to the point that at a quick glance the roof appeared to be comprised of cedar shakes.

At the end of the online voting period, Sarah was named the winner and our team invited her to our office to share the good news with her.  We wanted to surprise her in person and were successful.

Check out the reveal here:

When it came to the roofing material, GAF Timberline Ultra HD® shingles were installed.  We love this line of architectural shingles because of their beauty.  Better yet, they’re accompanied with a 50-year, non-prorated warranty that covers both labor and materials; making it the last roof she’ll ever put on her new roof home.  The single color Sarah chose was Birchwood.  This grayish tone worked perfectly with her home’s siding.

When installing a new roof, it is best practice to remove the gutters so that they are not damaged by ladders or debris during the tear-off process.  While Sarah had pre-existing gutters, they had become clogged and had pulled away from the house at multiple points.  We felt new LeafGuard Brand Gutters would be the perfect finish to her roof and surprised her by installing them on her home. gutter

Sarah’s supporters helped her gather over 600 online votes that allowed her to receive her new free roof.  We wanted them to be recognized for their dedication and asked Sarah to invite them to a wood fire pizza lunch so that they could congratulate her and see the new roof being installed.

Reflecting on her project, Sarah had this to say: ”

I was so fortunate to be Lindus Construction’s first “No Roof Left Behind” winner. Lindus is an amazing company and they are so easy to work with! Their community involvement as a local business is top notch! Everyone is so friendly and was able to answer questions for me and my roof and gutters look amazing! I am so excited to not have to clean gutters ever again! They are very knowledgeable and caring about what they do! I would definitely put my trust in them to complete another project for me! Thank you Lindus for being a part of the “No Roof Left Behind” program and giving an opportunity to families like me to help receive a much needed new roof! I am forever thankful!! Thank you for all you do!!”

Here’s footage from the installation celebration:


Installation Party Photos

St. Croix County Home Improvement Reviews

"Great work! They worked with our budget and did an awesome job! Communication was perfect!"

Jenna B.
Hammond, WI
May 15, 2018

"I have had Lindus Construction install my doors and a metal roof. Love that they are local and stand by their work. Loved them so much I had them come back to do my LeafGuard® Gutters!"

Rhonda L.
Hudson, WI
August 11, 2017

"We had LeafGuard® Gutters installed and couldn't be more pleased. They were a great company to work with.  Very friendly staff and a no pressure salesman. Great product that doesn't clog and doesn't have to be cleaned out."

Tracy B.
Hudson, WI
August 11, 2017

"We had seamless LeafGuard® Gutters installed on my mother's home. They not only did they do quick and professional job, but they were done a day early!  The crew was pleasant, answered all our questions and cleaned up afterwards.  My mom is very satisfied! And we are now having Lindus replace our roof and install new gutters, too!"

Jill T.
River Falls, WI
June 20, 2017

"Our experience was nothing short of GREAT!  Josh and Brennan were awesome!! They worked from sun up to sun down everyday some mornings in the sprinkling rain. They cleaned up every day they were at our house so that you wouldn't even have known they were there working before that."

Jessica T.
Hammond, WI
June 5, 2017

"Service is great, our windows are amazing and Jake did an awesome job on the install!"

Kris P.
Hammond, WI
May 17, 2017
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